1. H

    non common anime thread [spoiler]

    ever since the anime show had conquer the golden time of tv schedule in north america and even have their own television channel but the anime people known still cant leave without naruto, dbz, yoyo hogosho, bleach....ect now can can everyone share the non common anime that you know.
  2. Ravendust

    R.I.P: The common nerd

    Recently i've noticed a disturbing lack of nerdery...or geekery. This largely stems from the benchpress thread and my low standing on it. Today I went to the gym and saw muscular behemoths benching 200lbs, instantly realising a large number of people, members of a DBZ forum, who posted in that...
  3. itr

    What does DBZ and Rustangs have in common? :laff: :laff: :laff: :laff: :laff: Someone lost their mind.
  4. S

    what the hell? common britain.....

    just watching the news, and something came up in which made me doubt this countries sanity. They're proposing on having to pay £1.50 a mile to drive on the roads in this country, not only that we already get roadtax, and we have to pay extortionate prices for fuel. This is to cut congestion by...
  5. Ace_69

    Model Programs

    I'm looking into making my own models, can anyone tell me where to get some programs on the net? Thanks.
  6. S

    A common but pertinent problem...

    Hello everyone! I'm new in the esf world and I'm having a little problem to play this mod... well... when I enter the game... it appears that message: "could not load libraryesf\cl_dlls\client.dll I read some of the threads in the forum... but I didn't quite understand it... can someone...
  7. PiXel

    i`ve got an new idea

    so u all know the map rats i think better when many people make some maps in rats maybe rats namek or rats planet vegeta and some mor e or rats usa or germany and so what are u thinks about about this idea please crritits and i can`t maping so please mappers anwered fatser:) :yes: :yes: :yes:
  8. X

    Compiling Error

    It doesn't give me any errors in Hammer but here is the log ** Executing... ** Command: Change Directory ** Parameters: C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\valve * Could not execute the command: Change Directory C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\valve * Windows gave the error message: "Access is denied."...
  9. T

    model maker

    Can some one tell me whats the best model maker that works for 1.1 model and works for esf models please i need to no i tryed 3 diffrnt model makers
  10. Eider

    female model

    Hello y'all, I was just wondering if sbd has a female model with animations which I can (re)skin with photoshop, i'll give u credit when i release it :p u can send it to [email protected] or [email protected]. PS: this is a request sorreh bout that, but I finish the skin, I ll post it...
  11. G

    dragonball GT goku mod?

    i heard that someone out there had a dragonball gt goku. it is the goku as a kid and when he goes ssj he grows big and is ssj goku 4.:devgrin: so if any one nows about this or has it ket me know please :laff: :devgrin:
  12. Skyrider

    Goham request! its very easy!!

    its very easy guys , i just requesting a super saiyan Gohan mystic! ;) can someone make this possible? cuz i LoVE ssj ;) and i mean whit yellow/gold hair!
  13. N

    Whats CG mean!!!!!!!?

    whats CG mean guys??!!:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  14. N


    model or skin of ssj4 gogeta cmmon please..... i cant make him for that fact anyone...... someone make him 4 me
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