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    Hi. I have a question.O_O I trieed to make a menue with commandmenu.txt like in counterstrike. I tried this code: "1" "TeamMessage" { "1" "Help" "say_team i need help" "2" "trans" "say_team ready for transform" } But when i start the game the server crashes all the time. I dont...
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    Make a commandmenu that you can customize just like in TFC! Im sure it will be easy :) I WANT A COMMANDMENU JUST LIKE THE ONE IN TFC!!!!!!!!
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    ESF Freezes when I try to RUN it ;(

    When I hit Go! on the Expert Run menu It goes into ESF and gets to Building Server then it says it is loading the SKY textures and it freezes there, but it also say that it cannont find the commandmenu.txt. If anyone knows what I did wrong plz respond :D or PM me if it is easier.