1. ssjmike

    Beam combining?

    I think it would be cool for, say people in the same team or in a temporary friendship, if they combine their attacks for them to combine into a more powerful move? like a gallick spirit bomb or final kamehameha? What are your thoughts on this?
  2. VeTaNaToR

    combining 6 cylinders

    majin vegeta well i have been off line most of this vacation, and i probably will again as soon as im ok again (got a flue), cuz of traveling but as for now ill start modeling again, some of you might remember my super buu well i found a new way of modeling wich should bring alot better...
  3. C

    Combining beams and the new melee.

    My new idea is that you can combine new beams and the new melee. I know what your thinking, i mean, wtf? But just listen, my idea is lets say you swoop to someone, and you get into a advanced melee fights. If your on offence, you have to click all the different attacks (down, right, left, etc)...
  4. P

    Tuts on combining several sounds?

    Was wondering if anyone knew where to find some tutorials on combining voices and music together ...i searched around google but didnt find nothin =/ i have soundforge but im still new with it hehe
  5. Alex_b77

    beams combining

    would it be cool if two friendly beams were next to each other, they could combine to make on big one? Imagine a kamehameha with final flash lol im sure ive seen two beams combine on the show but im too lazy to find out where.
  6. S

    Bad guy from NG - CG

    here you go, its a lil more than just a bunch o villians in 1 :D The aura i did a lil quickly cuz i cant be arsed to do ne more....