1. Mr. Phonso

    First colouring

    yeah as the title says, this is the first time that i do a colour from a black and white image so any tips would be great.
  2. Ryoko

    Collaboration colouring

    Well, I finally finished the cg of The Noodlers Selphie Tilmitt picture. Took me a while too ;_; Original drawing can be found here
  3. W

    ESF comic

    Not funny ESF comic I was bored. Yes it is the one and only hercule.. staring at the esf beta mod.. I suck at colouring so i won't even try.. ;)
  4. Ryoko

    Newest Ryoko drawing. No cg

    I'll probably redo the shading at a later date and cg it, to see if the quality improves.
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