1. Eacos

    Half-Life Inspired clips!

    This short film is called What's in the box. I don't have major info on it, apart from the fact that it's really well made. This is inspired by HL2 <object width="560" height="340"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param...
  2. SS4 Gogeta

    funny clips

    here are two funny clips I came across a clip from The Price is Right man, I wish I saw this live ROFL seventeen hundred thousand, it so funny he seems so sure, he says it like three times :laff: hilarious clip of 3 year old...
  3. Kasey

    Funny Video Clips Thread

    Post funny clips. They can be new or old but not really long. Unless they're good the whole way through. **Also make sure they are hosted on the internet and not a link to download them because nobody wants your spyware infested clips. Reporter getting attacked by a cat.
  4. O

    How Do You Make Episode "Clips" (Plz Answer)

    i have dbz episodes on my computer but i dont want to upload the ENTIRE episode onto rapidshare or megaupload so i was wondering how do you take PARTS from the episodes and just upload those?! thanks in advance!
  5. Gohan Ssj

    DBZ Video Clips :D

    okkk hamm.. letss start with this one - (Only has muzic.. but greatt check the other too ull just love it!) First - Just Awesomee!!! Second - Just Watch it! Third - Here u goooo Ok..! hammm.. Ill bring some more later hope u have funn!!! :] ****Credit To...
  6. JDeezNutz

    Sleep Over Pranks!... Take II (5 video clips)

    Hello again fellow forum pet monkahs! This is the last sleep over before my mum got back from her holiday. It was a blast over the past 2 weeks. Enjoy the clips =) CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE
  7. D


    Before i go off to buy Half Life, the only reason i want it being because this mod looks awesome, i'm wondering if any of you can either make or link me to some video clips of this mod in action. On average, how many people are online at once, and how many people can fit into one game...
  8. B

    How i can take sound clips from episode to make it to this game?

    Can someone tell please of is it too big secret? What i need? I just open real one player watch episode and take it somehow or what i must do?
  9. Vejimaru

    Need pics and mabye clips of ESF

    Can n e one post some decent pics of ESF on here so I can make a background. I could also make a music video of ESF is someone is kind enough to tell me where I can get clips ESF from a web-site. Don't worry about the songs required. I have about 350 mp3 files. :laff:
  10. Amayirot Akago

    Sound clips from games

    I'm looking for sites that have sound clips from games, in particular pieces of dialogue. Games like Soul Reaver, Gabriel Knight, etc. Anyone happen to know such sites?
  11. R

    dbz clips

    Anyone know where i can download HIGH quality Windows Media Player DBZ clips (!not music videos!) for my music videos i am creating.
  12. C


    I have had a ton of people ask me in game and out that if they have clips of goku turning ssj and stuff. And i had an idea...why not make a thread dedicated to posting VERY cool clips from DB DBZ and DBGT. A lot of people know the situation lets say you want to see goku go ssj3 but...
  13. Messiah Daz

    Adding sky clips.

    I was told to chang ethe sky bg to go to map > map properties > enviroment map. I did that then chose the bg I wanted. I entered the name in the box: devils_advocate256_ft I compiled the map and when I tested it it said it couldnt load the sky bg :S Help please!
  14. K

    video clips etc. page

    I think they should make something on the forums for people that would like to show off there music videos, or any other videos.
  15. Skinnerfool

    radditz skin release

    Well i dunno how to model so here is the skin and i give creditst o esf teamsa and keshish Click here to download And uhh dunno what to say
  16. M

    WIP FLASH animation

    well im real sick of modeling, and all the bs i have to put up with. so i started using flash agian. well here it is this may work not sure some ppl can see it
  17. D

    Transformation clips

    I am so happy, some of you might think this is spam but i saw the vegeta transformations on the main page omg i almost cried because this is only game / mod so far that will be perfect for its next release and it will totally have the dbz feel for it.. the animations are great the soundfx is...
  18. T

    Video Clips

    Hey, I was at a friend's house a while back, and he was showing me ESF. He also showed me this video clip of Vegeta powering up in the new Beta. But I haven't been able to find where that file is on the ESF site. Is the link still up somewhere, or have I missed the boat?
  19. L

    Those Clips Rocked!

    EVERYONE CHECK OUT THE CLIPS ON MASTA'S DEV JOURNAL I was really impressed with the gohan clip. The sound and the animation was aweeeesomeee. And it looks like they gave more control to the beams again. P.S. Damn Freedom....nice beam control around the mountain lol. I have to say thats...
  20. Ecchi Pr0n

    Good qulity DB/Z/GT clips

    well do you guys know of any sites