1. sub

    Forum Talk: Cleaning Up The Clutter

    The forum is cluttered with large sections of the forum going unused. I want to fix this by doing the following: > Merge the Newbie Central section with the Help section Argument for doing this: People post in the help section for help regarding ESF, most newbies post in the newbie section...
  2. M

    Cleaning Up Vertexs In Max

    What is the tool to do this again? It merges vertexs that are close together. Can anyone help here? Thanks
  3. J-Dude

    Cleaning up Beams?

    I hate to rock the boat, but I think something needs to be done structurally about the beams as far as their behavior is concerned. They look fancy and nice when mono-e-monom, but when you start beam jumping and beam struggling, things get ugly graphically. I love the system, don't get me wrong...
  4. N

    Cleaning Up Computer!

    Just curious as to what utilities are most efficient for me to use to clean my computer, defrag it, etc.... My OS is XP!
  5. KidMan

    Cleaning up the forums/database

    Seeing as how many people who register on the ESF forums only ask a few questions then never come on again, i was thinking, why not delete them. im sure this could clear up alot fo space. Seeing as how you guys have 16,966 members (congrats by the way) im sure about more then half don't even...
  6. Kaination

    I'm cleaning my PC I need help

    yeah, i just found out i had 365 MB / 50 something GB on my C:/ drive. Sad. So, I'm cleaning it up, and I see a folder with like 20 GB in it. This is, this folder is C:/Documents and Settings. So I'm sitting here looking at C:/Documents and Settings, and thinking I could gain a **** load...
  7. M

    Cleaning up the stinky`s

    A while ago i read a stinky and a saw a post of nuttzy in one of those stinky`s that he needed to find a way to re-organize them. And i took a close look on all the stinky`s in the modeling forum and i came to the conclusion that there only needs to be 2 or 3. the rest can all be merged and...
  8. TwisteR

    Cleaning the PS2

    Is there a way of opening the PS2 to get out all the dust and crap? Ive had it since the day it came out and Ive never done any kind of maintenance on it.
  9. I

    Buu Saga Vegeta WIP

    it started a while back when i was making goku... well i decided to make goku and vegeta from the buu saga... then i said... forget goku he's no good character anyway... so i did Vegeta TADA! Ok.. Ok... Ive accidently deleted my goku model when i was cleaning out of my "My Documents...
  10. TehMuffinMan

    V 1.1 Solidus

    well then, this is just an update of my solidus so that it works in 1.1 with no animation errors, ive also totally redone the skin, i ve given in to sexyasian for cleaning up then i can release, this pack will contain new sounds as well that i recorded from the ps2 game. PICS: front...
  11. B

    perfect freezer

    Look here its Great
  12. S

    sig for friend of mine-crits

    im not so sure my friend is gonna like it.... i say its too dark. some crits please?
  13. E

    Please make me a sig?

    Can someone anyone make me a sig with dbz characters???
  14. DiebytheSword

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