1. Loki

    TFC Clan

    I know some of you may think TFC is an outdated game but I don't really care what you think. Im sending this as a small flyer.. viC Clan Page If anyone is interested in joining head over to that page.
  2. your nightmare

    german clan

    hi leutz wenn ihr irgendwer deutsch spricht dann hab ich ne info für euch: wir haben nen deutschen ESF-clan gegründet und BRAUCHEN MEMBER!!! wenn ihr interessiert seit dann geht auf (die site is noch nich ganz fertig) geht auf clan und tragt euch im unter join ein...
  3. T

    ESF clan

    This is a message brought to you by the local ESF clan. -By GokuKidssj4 This is a clan For ESF Gokukid's email is and his ICQ number is 158321153 please contact him if you would like to join The server his clan currently plays at is : He has...
  4. Z

    [Z-A] A Upcoming ESF Clan

    Hey all ! Im Jelleh Bean one of the three leaders of the [Z-A] clan Im here to represent our clan. [Z-A] stands for Z-Angel, we now are looking for a new challenge we have spent over 2 years in the Vampire Slayers Half-life mod ( & now have switched over to esf...
  5. E

    Adding floors/ceiling/roof help!!!

    I am making a map for ESF, as well as one for CS, and I'm using Valve Hammer 3.4. Where is the tool to add a floor and roof/ceiling to maps...? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Grim`

    Models / clan

    Can You give me some links With models :x And i am in clan db. we are recruiting contact me @ msn Thx :x
  7. Frieza

    Message for Asf Clan

    Message for Asf Clan New Asf website Sorry I havn't been online lately my Mum wanted me to go to the country with her for Christmas. I will try get esf online soon p.s Im not trying to spam.
  8. 2

    New Clan

    Hey all this is Rage, I just got this game like two days ago, and so far its been awesome. Ive become more addicted to this than Counter-Strike, which is just crazy because I usually play CS 24/7. Well I was wondering if anyone wanted to help me start an ESF clan? Im not sure about the name or...