1. S

    time chamber map

    i'm trying to edit the sky texture of the timechamber_map(1.3) so it can have the sky textures from the rosat map(old version of time chamber) that it's totaly white. but i don't know how to. please help me!
  2. suppertime

    Time Chamber hunt/Riverside hunt

    OOOOOOOOOOOK! As the name may suggest I've had this bug at two maps, the time chamber (esf_rosat) and Riverside (esf_riverside). The riverside one was a lan game were my little friend could hunt with no trouble, one ball had spawned under the ground, so we put the balls there hit b and...
  3. S

    Hyperbolic Time Chamber Suggestions

    I think that the place should change at different sections like water or fire when you go to certain areas although that sounds complicated. but whatever. :)
  4. Sliq

    Hyperbolic Time Chamber

    Can someone send me a link so I can download ther Hyperbolic Time Chamber map or link me to any current thread that has this map for download?..
  5. darknavigator

    Hyperbolic Time Chamber Map bug

    It seems whenever you go spectator and look under the map, and go up, everything is black. Ill post a pic in a sec. BTW, I used the search button for "hyperbolic". ;/ EDIT:
  6. T

    Hyperbolic Time Chamber

    How do I get the map (esf_rosat) to look like the pictures in the gallery? (Here) Also, why is it called that? And who agrees that the floor colour should be changed, to make it easier to orient yourself?
  7. B

    Black? wha!

    Yea so here is a fun map I just made (in like 1hour) Really fun to mess around in ;) its nothing but black and a little time building. It beats looking at a gray background heh :tired: ok here is some screenshots...
  8. S

    gravity chamber

    i want to make a map so when u go into the gravity chamber it slowly increases your ki, i would also like 2 attach a switch that controls the gravity so u can increase/decrease it. If this is possible and you can help it would be very much appreciated.
  9. sithlord

    gravity chamber

    Can someone make a map inside a huge gravity chamber? It would be cool to have battles at 400G...maybe the map could even have some training bots or something :D
  10. K

    Where can i find hyberbolic time chamber

    Where can I find a map with a hyberbolic time chamber, like the one in the galler. I searched everywhere i couldnt find it :[ Please help, Thank you -Kozak
  11. K

    Is there a Hyber Bolical Time Chamber map?

    Is there a map like the one in the gallery you can give me a link to or something? please tell me :] TY VERY MUCH :D
  12. M

    Rosat map problems

    Ok whenever i try to run this map, the character's in character select screen are all greyed over, and like EVERYTHING is grey on the actual map. Can't see ANYTHING at all. Whats the problem?
  13. G

    Hmmm, could some one make a USSJ Goku?

    I saw goku once become a USSJ and if some one could make a model for esf i will be very happy 10x;)
  14. MSF

    My Map

    I have last 2 day make a map about Kami. Here the Link . Screenshots come later. Please say want you peaple think. ps. The map has one Problem, you must the activate by Console. The Console Command is map GSF_Gottespalast
  15. R

    how do u make mods

    yo can some one help me i need to know how to make a model of young gohan ssj when him and goku was in the time chamber ight hit me back
  16. S

    gohan skin

    whats with his hair? only three oddly placed spikes? if its the younger gohan (like when he fights cell) he has more hair than that, and he shouldnt be so tall, and if its the older one (high school) then his haird isnt even shaped like that
  17. M

    A glitch in the models!

    ive noticed in some maps... ( like rosat) that the characters in some places of the map turn all black! I was playing one time and all of a sudden my character is just black. Im not sure what is wrong with it.. if its just me... but if its not ? maybe fix that:p Does that happen to anyone else?
  18. Yui Sakura

    Hyperbolic time chamber!

    I know this had prob been said 1000 times, but here is my suggestion. On the right level (kami look) 1 or 2 people should b able to enter the HBTC. They dont walk around or anything, but you see their character just punching and kicking etc. Well when you are in there you could press punch...
  19. M

    solar flare / hyperbolic time chamber

    2 unrelated comments: 1) the solar flare really ought to have a lot less charge time, its a purely defensive weapon and you cant use it with the intention of running away if someone in the same time can pretty much charge an attack. 2) Is the hyperbolic time chamber going to be connected...
  20. J

    Training Room (Time Chamber)

    This should be a place where the warriors go to train at various gravity levels and a place where if their power is so great they transform into a stronger warriors (For Saiyans, they transform into Super Saiyans, SSJ2, SSJ3, SS4 etc.). And also a place where they rise their kai, or increase the...