1. T

    Cast Your Metalgear Vote

    Metal Gear Blue Version: Metal Gear Green Version:
  2. YankeeDoodle

    How to Cast lightning/Drain after transformation?

    I have seen Bots shoot some kind of lightning that drains my KI, after they have transformed, but i have not been able to find out how? Does any1 know how to do it?
  3. S

    Your DBZ Movie Fantasy Cast

    Who do you guys think should play who in the dragonball z movie? here's my cast wish list Goku: Undecided Chi Chi: Undecided Bulma: Shannon Elizabeth (she's hot, bulma's hot, good match :p ) Vegeta: I keep hearing rumors which i hope are true but, ray park Nappa: Bill Goldberg (they look...
  4. V

    Cast your vote on your favorite DBZ mod/TC

    Out of the following mods/TCs which do you like the most. If you haven't heard of them before then just visit their link. Some of the sites don't offer much info on their mod/tc so try visiting their forums to get more info. And be honest.
  5. J

    Like, totally, a wallpaper

    I made a wallpaper, being inspired by a song by Appleseed Cast, Antihero. Click to enlarge. 1280 x 1024, 210 kb It started out as an attempt at a grunge wallpaper, though that one sucked. I saw it again today, so I decided to update it. It's probably anything but grunge, but who cares...
  6. T

    Cast your opinoin

    i know i cant spell but you get what i mean. now... i realise there have been a lot of threads about this already but i jsut want to start a topic for everyone to post in. instead of ppl having to search like mad to find something out. this is a thread for everyone to have a say in what they...
  7. SSJ n00b


    how to open a pk3 file like jedi outcast and quake 3 arena and what tutorials i need