1. sub

    Happy birthday Grega (it's Sky's birthday, too, but honestly, who cares)

    yay Grega. Happy birthday buddy.
  2. Eon

    Iowa Caucus results if anyone cares

    It was make or break for alot of people, especially the winners, who really needed this Democratic Nominee Barak Obama won the caucus Republican Nominee Mike Huckabee won the caucus. Obama needs to get New Hampshire in my opinion if he has a chance at breezing through the primaries...
  3. vegetafan


    who cares for now wait untill tommorow SCREW THIS PRANK!!!!!! IM GOING TO THE CAR CONVENTION!
  4. D

    a piece of my mind to whoever cares to read it

    u might not care what i think... u dont have to care... but this goes out mainly to the staff, I think u have put up an enormous work on 1.2 and it is an awesome game, I think u created a great community and a great site and whatever u did on everything is great, but I have been a member of this...
  5. MinesSkylineR34

    Subaru Impreza WRX STi WP

    woohoo 10 minutes of nothing hehehe
  6. Rebirah

    2nd esf forums group pic

    Im not even closed to being finished.. Tell me if u wanna be in it as well ^_^ and yes yes.. I did start this because of dudeman...:/ EDIT: added a watery background EDIT2: Added My5tIcDrAg0n as an evo 8 :)
  7. DaKD

    Kikyou WIP

    Well now that im done with Vash I was going to move on to Wolfwood, but i decided taht I wanted to try making a female character. So I thought how about Kikyou from Inuyasha. Heres my work so far : about 15 mins
  8. P

    Made a simple Map

    Hello, I made a very simple Map :) But it is also great ;) you can destroy some parts of the battlefield. and the sky gives you the dbz feel *hrhr* please give me a feedback *g* So, check it out : cYa PayJay ;)
  9. Mystacx

    Plz can someone give me this file:

    Hello you guys (and girls), I was kinda wondering if S-bolt would giv me his ssj2gohan ms3d-file cause i'd like to edit it! plz give me this file.
  10. G

    Hey ned

    hey ned im sorry for what i said ok and i didnt mean to have a go at u or any thing it was just vox he annoyed me because he started pocking his nose in when it had nothin to do with him. Im sorry for taking it out on u ok. I didnt know that your model wasnt the proper one and i didnt know u...
  11. S

    Can any one tell me the best programmes for skinning plzz

    can any one tell me te best programmes for skinning and the site links plz thx
  12. TehMuffinMan

    the old db GOKU!!!!!

    thats right! i was bored and thought, hey? wheres goku off the really old but cool dragonball cartoons? then i came along the goten model and thought hmmm.... lets try, well, i suceeded in creating a really db style model from the goten model (by god gundam), I shortened the legs, remade the...
  13. Pommy

    Pommy's website layout

    My website layout is done!! :) Im so happy. Version 4.0 if anyone wants to see (or cares) :D please post feedback on it.
  14. Demi-Shadow

    another sig, this one for fatmanterror

    ok, i was looking at fatman's sig area and i noticed it kinda empty, so i attempted to make a sig for him (he didn't ask, but what the hell.. if he doesn't like it he doesn't use it :)) being a sig and all, it's more practice, so crits and ratings please.
  15. R

    goku ssj5????

    kan sombady help me plz?????? end kan eny body help me whit bulding a aura end what programs doe y need end wer kan y get it end kan enybody tell me what it meens that if y want to install 1.7 dmz that y ses dat it is buld whit a demo end what kan y do
  16. S

    u wanted proove??? here is ur proove!!

    u wanted proof??? here is ur proof!! u wanted proof that i didnt trace? well there u go. if this doesnt do it for u and u still think i traced it, then ur a complete(!!) idiot imo. this pic is here so u cn compare it to the first 2. look at what i marked in the original, and look at my...
  17. |Da|K|


    Hello critz on my new sig plz.... AND YES THAT IS PIKKON THE ONE AND ONLY BIZNATCH!!!!!!
  18. Escobar

    Wogasm Sig Thread

    This is gonna be my sig thread where ill post up some of my s*** that ive come up wif Well this is something i just wiped up so tell us wot u think...
  19. G

    As promised another piece of my work....

    Alrighty here it is, my personal favorite character, Gohan! This was a speed sketch so I spent like 10 minutes on it, oh well tell me what ya think (Copy and paste)
  20. Hsu

    For anyone that cares.

    Anyway if any of you have been wondering where Light-Scream has been, well his computer crapped out on him and he is trying to get it fix. If he can get it fixed then he should be back in no time but if he cant then we might not be seening very much of him anymore because he will be working to...