1. S

    Captain Ginyu

    Well I'm sure you've already fixed most, if not all of this but I thought I should report it anyways. When you summon a buddy by ascending then descend your buddy's power level is reset. When you switch with the buddy, descend then ascend and switch back to ginyu, ginyu's power level is now 1...
  2. Mkilbride

    Irresponsabile Captain Tylor - An unknown anime of Legends.

    Ok, so I'm pretty sure, everyone who posts here has never heard of this anime at all. I never had either, until I decided to watch it one day. I was really bored. It's a 1993 anime, so around the Tenchi OVA time. Let me say this, I was surprised. It is comparable, if not SUPERIOR to the...
  3. M

    Captain Hitsu***a

  4. TeKNiK

    Captain Peg Leg

    Meh, didn't know what to name this thread, but here is a model i've been working on for a couple of days now. It's an assignment, for one of my classes this semester. This duck weighs in at 1912 triangles.
  5. ~*Logan*~

    Captain Ginyu's Buddy System

    After reading the newest outlines, I have a suggestion for Ginyu. I think you should be able to choose who you want to buddy with rather than have it chosen in order. Each buddy should have his own strength's and weaknesses. For example... Recoome - Slowest, but strongest. Highest HP. Can...
  6. C

    Bulma and Captain Ginyu Models

    Some models I recently made. Probably the last ones for awhile. What do you think?
  7. C

    Captain Jack Sparrow... or is it Bob?

    VB made it for me. I want some critz on it. I like it :devgrin:
  8. Hash

    Thats right, Captain Falcon baby!

    Lookie lookie! Whadda you think of my captain falcon sig/avatar? Is it sexeh? Or does it resemble hot poop?
  9. xstortionist

    I need captain ginyu reference pictures!! post em if u got em!!

    Hey i'm currently going to be modeling a ginyu model. If any of you have any good ginyu reference pictures I coudlr eally use them..thanks!!
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