1. Kaination

    Bugged WoW items?

    This happened earlier today, someone was selling this for 1000g. Huge talk on trade chat, any idea what happened?
  2. B

    Death Ball Bugged

    Yeah i think the death ball is bugged and should be improved! There is a TINY ass part of the death ball which has to hit the taget and is just unfair the deathball should be like the Spirit Bomb with its whole circumference the trigger. Just my thoughts BrunO
  3. Ragnara

    Just a bugged test-Map

    But a funny Test-Map http://members.tripod.de/D_Kaffanien/esf_toxic.zip I hope its the Right link
  4. B

    Special Beam Cannon, bugged?

    Anyone else notice with the Special Beam Cannon it rarely ever has the spiral with it? When the spiral does fire with it the Beam Cannon is a powerful move, but without it the Cannon is an alright move but not nearly as good. I've noticed the spiral only goes when looking at some certain...