1. Mkilbride

    Japan was reluctant to bring Xenoblades to US, fearing it wouldn't sell... Old article, but I just saw it now. We had to start a PETITION to get this to the U.S, and Nintendo didn't want to, saying the U.S Market didn't like these types of games...
  2. M

    Bring Back Toonami Petiton

    Yesterday it was a great April Fools day by Adult Swim. Exactly at 9EST PM they show a rerun of toonami, with new dialogue for TOM, and a ME3 review. Please make this dream come true> THIS IS HOW TO BRING TOONAMI BACK! 1) First sign this petition...
  3. G

    bring back telesense

    what the tattle
  4. M

    What do you bring to ESForums

    Very simple question. We have a varied bunch of thoughtful, intelligent, moronic, humourous, cynical, audacious, optimistic, supportive, creative, trolling, helpful and friendly posters here. So which of these describes you best and basically... What do you bring to ESForums?
  5. Killface

    Nuclear bombs used to bring down WTC?

    Now i've heard of conspiracy theories.. but this is ridiculous. There are theories about two small hydrogen bombs used to bring down the towers. I'm not trying to pull a Jynx here, but i felt this was too interesting to just leave in the Video...
  6. Tsunami

    So, what did Santa bring you?!

    As the topic title states.....what did Santa bring you?!?!?!?11111omgBBQsause For me.... $40 gift card to Best Buy Azumanga Daioh Vol 5 and 6 (Anime) The Bourne Ultimatum Age of Empires 3 The Warchiefs and Asian Dynasties Futurama Vol 4
  7. donnierisk

    Bring back's and a fix thing.

    Okay firstly: Do any of you rememer I think it was in 1.1, then with cell form one, whenever you made a kamehameha, he said it in this weird scratchy voice, but now in 1.2, it's only the kamehameha making a sound, can't they bring that back in 1.3 or make one similar to that old sound? Okay...
  8. Suh Dude

    Bewbs bring peace between China and Japan!

    "The wave of anti-Japanese sentiment in China continues, more than a month since the first round of demonstrations against the Japanese government's approval of a controversial school textbook flared throughout the country. Diplomats and politicians on both sides have been trying to diffuse...
  9. S

    whatwill 1.3 bring

    Just wanting to no what other then transformations will 1.3 bring .I no they will be new transformations ,but will there be new beam upgrades, and new power struggle battles, and new attckes ??But just wanting to no dont :yes:
  10. D

    1.3 Melee, Bring it back.

    First and last off, no I'm not telling you to re-vert. Keep everything the same as it is now, here's some changes I would like to see done. Make the buttons more sensitive to Free-Fall, as in after done double-tap swooping, make it easier to free-fall. Yes I know its possible in 1.2 and...
  11. F

    Bring it On

    Zaul 52 kills, 12 deaths ( cant host this pic anymore bandwidth! ) Cmon People, Esf isnt even a challenge anymore... ( I am Zaul btw ) Is there a way I can get on an American Server without much lag? Cause Frankly I can beat Any Australian now, Also if i were to make a dedicated server on...
  12. Deverz

    Kelesk, Bring it :F

    The title pretty much says it all I wanna give you a test run :P
  13. ssjFajita

    Bring it Bizznatch!

    Since my last competitor has forfeited I will fight someone else. I got a bloodlust right now and someone needs to help me quench it. :devgrin: Will the Ref please specify what weapons and abilities are allowed. *Edit* I changed the title to attract a Ref. I am impatient
  14. Deverz

    Miroku Bring it

    Let's see who truly is the best out of us. I challenge you too FIGHT CLUB. Who ya gonna call? I would also like to request Optimus as the Ref :o
  15. solidus

    Solidus Returns

    Im back! <expects comments of "u been away?" and "who?"> Hi, im Solidus, from such threads as the Link models. After the Link thread being closed twice, i had decided to leave this place forever, and i left...... I have now decided to give u one more chance, and here i am, back and more ready...
  16. Insight

    Bring Suikoden into the cinema

    There is a petition which should enable that Suikoden should come into the cinema. And you can help,sign up and spread this message.Maybe it works out and comes into the cinema.
  17. M

    smo's goku

    Don't see you on the mod list so you shouldn't be acting like one ;X. Anyway, I've lost it, and NEITHER of the links work, nor does red saiyan. Evidently some mod decided to have my question go unasked. Anybody have a link?
  18. Vegito1180

    JaNeMbA rEsKin

    -Credits SexyAsian - Model ESF - Animations [I Think] Me - ReSkin Im Only Showing What It Looks Like Untill I Get Permission From SexyAsian.Critz?
  19. B

    EVM model Updates

  20. S


    OK, i am really getting anoyyed at mapping for esf. Never before have i gotton so many god damn errors! Up untill now, Firearms mod has had my title of "Most pain in the ass mod to map for", but now, its ESF. Problem number one, I cant get my hlbsp and hlvis tools to create the .bsp and...
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