1. Skyrider

    PC has problems booting up.

    For some odd reasons, my computer has problems lately booting up.. The computer itself starts just fine though, but check the image below: Every time the computer is hanging up for a randomly different time. Some times it locks up for 5min, the other time for 1min. After that, it runs as...
  2. kam!

    PC not booting, Safe mode messed

    Okay since today the computer of my brother stopped booting. After the WinXP boot screen shows for about 10 seconds it just reboots. Safe mode is working for some seconds, after that the task bar and all desktop icons disappear and after some more time it just reboots again. I can't scan for...
  3. madgik

    PC Not Booting

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what the problem that has arisen on my desktop PC could be? What has happened in the last few days are, I had to take apart (unplug external stuff, and store computer in a wardrobe, not take apart any internal stuff) my PC and store is for...
  4. Pieter Paul Rubens

    Random failures when booting..

    I had to perform a format today due to a nasty little virus (got rid of it, but damaged critical .dll files from Windows).. Ohwell, no problem, fresh Windows install couldn't hurt.. Now, everthing is OK, all drivers are in place and working.. But the weirdest thing happens when I try to...
  5. S

    strange booting problem

    well, sometimes when i boot up my computer, it wont open anything, i mean, i'll try to open firefox, nothing happens, i try to open msn, it crashes, this only happens if my ati catalyst driver doesnt show up in my tray.... But if i reboot sometimes/most of the time it boots up fine and works...
  6. JDeezNutz

    computer problem while booting up...>_<

    ok i installed styleXp and some of you might be familar with this program, you can change your theme, your background, your style your logon screen and the windows loading screen... well once i thought it would be quite a good idea to change teh windows loading screen (when the xp flag and...
  7. N

    More of my GFX

    Here's an original idea of mine - Booting up my sig :) one of my fav splashes, Akuma trapped in my ice renders :) And my latest, a battle against my friend Enjoy.
  8. U

    Booting me outta game

    :cry: it keeps booting me out of the esf game i make...i tryed getting the newest update for cs 1.5 and i reinstalled it many times...i have the voiceicon.spr and ive tryed every open GL, d3d if somebody can help me with this please do:cry: