1. Eider

    [WIP] 2nd Female Model

    okay, since the other one didnt advantage, i started MY second try to a female model O_o As for credits: I'm going to use parts from the latest Buu saga Vegeta, but in the readme, it says Violator... NOW, i read he stole that model, WHO do i give credits :scared: :p anywayz, Thx to...
  2. Sicron

    Cape Gohan

    I know there is a final request tread, but i dont get answers there: does some one know the gohan with cape (the one that mtaches s-bolts ssj2 gohan) cuz if i take the one of brollman i cant use him cuz he has a error
  3. A

    A Normal Gohan To go with s-bolts

    Can someone PLEASE make a normal version of S-Bolts gohan. Just take the Default ESF gohan head and put it on S-Bolts gohan body. If anyone needs a the default gOhan ill give it you but I woudl REALLY aprecitate it..:cry: Thanks -Crackerjack
  4. Bryggz

    new project, same old story

    ok everyone wants an "electricity aura", correct? well, im on my way, ive already created a model that has seperate "electric bolts" inside of the aura, all i need to do is figure out how to change their color, and give them some animations, and we can have ourselves a nice badass aura :) so ima...
  5. DaKD

    b dmg reskin of s bolts ssj2 gohan

    i reskinned s-bolts ssj2gohan with battle damage as soon as i buy milkshape i can edit it and do like azn did with gohan or i could stop bein lazy and figure out how to skin with MAX but o well heres a skin for now i might get some pics later *edit* here ya go...
  6. D

    Model Request

    Hi I am new but if i may request a model can some one tell me or give me a good ssj2 Gohan model plz!