1. Skyrider

    Wii Balance Board?

    I'm wanting to buy a Wii Balance board, but I see there are different kind of sets. Anyone knows which one exactly I should buy?
  2. V

    A Call for the audio editors of the board

    I need a little help with something here, a friend of mine is gave me a solid hour long track that he made(in the form of a .wav) and asked if i knew how to cut it into tracks, and still play without noticeable transitions on a cd. At first i just threw it into adobe premier and started cutting...
  3. vinay87

    How do I find out whats the best video card my mother board will support?

    OK My mother board model is KOB P4M266 NDFSMx I google for it, but it doesnt give me much details on whats the best graphics card itll support. Since its outdated, I dont suppose the site gives much support on it anyway. I just want to max my pc out before heading on to a totally different pc...
  4. -Origin

    Need help on customizing an Invision Power Board, anyone?

    Yeah so.. I can't figure out how to make a forum *look* exactly as I want it to look. If only it were as simple as using paint or whatever to fill in the blank spots, but yeah.. unfortunately it's not. So my question is... Can anyone here help me make or customize a skin for an Invision...
  5. S

    My New DBZ RPG Board

    I'm not sure if this is allowed or not.....but if it isn't, just delete it. I just opened a DBZ RPG board. Come check it out.(WE NEED MEMBERS) ~URL Removed~
  6. |Overlord|

    Venice Core 2.8ghz capable board recommendation

    i am deciding what i should get in terms of a nforce4 mainboard. i also am getting a 3200+ venice but can't decide between two boards , ethier a msi k8n diamond or some deluxe dfi board or could someone else recommend a differ board to what i'm thinknig of that will be able to take the 2.8ghz...
  7. U

    Movie Board Suggestion!

    Hrm, this isn't exactly an ESF suggestion. But i couldn't figure a better place to say this. I propose a Movie Board section in the Off-Topic area :) . I wanna talk about my fav movies :( Ask if a movie is any good :( And people can write reviews // comment with their thoughts! It'll add a...
  8. A

    Please help me install Invision Power Board

    Error: IPB WARNING [2] mysql_connect(): Access denied for user: '[email protected]' (Using p***word: YES) (Line: 115 of /ips_kernel/cl***_db_mysql.php) There appears to be an error with the database. You can try to refresh the page by clicking here. Error Returned mySQL error: Access...
  9. The_Forgotten

    Heh, How often do you get board? often do you guys get board?Me for instance, I get board all the time...
  10. Suh Dude

    dark me

  11. Coolz_Inferno

    Just an idea (maybe wrong board)

    For poor 56k users like me who cant DL from one of the servers u listed (timed out 71%) maybe u could put ESF in 10mb DLs because leaving on the internet over night for nothing is REALLY annoying
  12. S

    Powered up piccolo, big dissapointment

    I like playing piccolo and i think that he needs a new model or clothes or something when he gets all powered up. Maybe a new , better move like super beam cannon,.
  13. TimTheEnchantor

    Quickie update on my new artwork database..

    I have reworked my artwork database on my website. With this new database, you can have a slideshow which fades, snowfalls , blends, shutters, etc in & out of images. I have colorized it, and will be adding more features to it soon. ***Here is my new database...
  14. Warrior_Elite45

    How Do You "Begin" Mapping

    Ok, I open worldcraft and then I'm lost. Haha I have no idea what to do, can anyone help me? All this stuff about configurating it comes up, and I have absolutely no idea what to do. So if anyone could help me on how to get started it would be great. Thanks.
  15. D

    Wut the heck is a normal

    hey when i go to complie my qc in milkshape it says i have to many normals what the heck are they and how do i correct this problem. thanx for the help peeps
  16. Pommy

    Odd art

    i was board so I made some weird shapes and then added a bg and mixed it with some text and here it is. took me a little bit but here it is. <img src=> feedback :D?
  17. A

    My latests.. thing..

    I was just playing around last night because I was board. Made this: Crtiz
  18. G

    Does nebody know how to make maps

    can ne1 tell me if they can make a map, im getting bored of the 1s i have
  19. X

    esf_mid.bsp Help!!

    im having problems with the esf_mid.bsp map... every time i go in it i get: WARNING: texture lump "asphalt_road-5" not found WARNING: texture lump "canyoncliff-2" not found WARNING: texture lump "grass_dirt-1" not found I CAN go in it but it's all messed up once im in.. does anyone...
  20. Litebringer


    Im new to the board and was just wondering if anyone has actually been working on models for the upcoming esf.. because I have seen everyone working on stuff that is going to be done soon but yet no one ever says if their work is for the new esf or not.. I fear someone will release huge packs of...