1. Mous4u

    Fourm Chatbox Bug And its bloody annoying!

    Chatbox bug And man if i want to view anyone's profile then BOOM! can you guys please fix it its so annoying....even with Firefox
  2. H

    a bloody fight(radeon x2900 pro vs gefore 8850 ultra)

    which will be the best card of the year? will be radeon x2900 pro(replease at may 1st) or the ultimate flagship of nvidia--geforce 8850 gts ultra
  3. Avenger

    Another bloody challenge.

    Engar will take a bit of time, since he has one or more fights as well as an actual life on the side, therefore I have another challenge. Again, I don't fight fast battles.. I'm a slow writer. And Cuc, before you come in here shouting 'ARR DIE!', I don't want to fight you just yet =P As in...
  4. OubliezJe

    Bloody Me. Wip

    This is one of my wips, its my first ever attempt of putting myself in an image. I am in the background, if you cannot tell what is in the background turn up your brightness, if you still cannnot tell what it is, it is my first try at this lol. The image isnt finished but im just wanting some...
  5. Death The Jedi

    Post your first PS thing

    There's mine.. it was called Apparations.. post yours
  6. I

    Bloody Slowdown

    After playing a game with about 4 bots after a while the game slows down drastically - it seems that this is caused by all the blood splats that lie everywhere and dont seem to dissappear. I was just wandering if there is a cvar or something else i could use to prevent so much build up of...
  7. R

    Skin Edit: Bloody Majin Vegetto

    Hi all, I edited the Vegetto model from: Metro, Tek & Ned This is my first edit: *** pics removed by S-Bolt-- *** I'm waiting for the: Metro, Tek & Ned autorisation to publish it, if they refuse i will remove this... I'm just waiting your opinions... * edited by S-Bolt-- for...
  8. TehMuffinMan


    first... the story.. tetsuo is a boy from an anime called akira. he underwent some crzy experiments and started going insane, he had amazing powers, he could fly, crush people by looking, ect, anyways... seeming on how l33t he is i felt i needed him in esf... so i tryed.. i succeeded in...
  9. {SSJ}Master

    Bloody sig host!!!!

    Hey, hope this is in the right place. So far i have used 2 places to host my sig, and they always mess up!!!!! I FRIKKIN HATE IT. Is there anywere people know i can find a good host for my (cheap) sig?
  10. T

    Fitting text to a line

    does n e one know how to fit text to a linr can they give me a quick tutorial
  11. Holy Crusader

    Bloody New Topic

    Damn I leave the forums for a while and all I find are topics on this Devil character? Screw him, talk about actual ESF please. I got a question on Trunks' sword, does it do extra damage? If so how much more? Also the beam jumping, does the jump depend on the power of the beam overall or on the...
  12. K

    ne 1

    have a perfect cell and namek saga krillin model?
  13. B

    This is just bloody annoying me now !!!!

    i go on an esf after 10mins i get a connection problem even thou i just play cs and that was fine whats going on is it a bug!!!!!!!!!???
  14. L

    If only there wasn't a bloody installer

    First off I love the mod. I don't particularly like DBZ, but the mod is damn fun. To my post: whats up with the installer? I hate it. Die *stab*. You should really distribute it in zip form if you aren't already and I just missed it.
  15. S

    hows my new sig?

  16. S

    Bonzi Bloody

    well i made a little crapy pic i hate the monkey...... ;( *EXPLETIVE DELETED* *EDIT* Try not to swear, okay? We have an anti-cuss rule around here for a reason... -Chimpbot- *EDIT*