1. Suh Dude

    Another nupo logo... bleh!

    Your thoughts?
  2. O

    Bleh can't install

    Okay I can't install esf beta 1.2! I reinstalled halflife, updated it and then I installed esf, it always gives me a directory like C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\hl.exe and when I install it there i get an autoexec prob, then when I install it in C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\ it doesn't even work, I can't change...
  3. Nuttzy

    bleh, animation issues, code or qc?

    ok well, im doing animation work for a mod, the previous set of animations was the HL animations, which ill add didnt fit the model at all, the models for this mod are somewhat of a cartoon proportion and the arms didnt match up at all, and made the attachments and 3rd person weapon models...
  4. I

    bleh this is annoying

    i use norton 2003. and it says that my auto-protect is off. but when i click enable, it doesnt turn back on. any suggestions?
  5. Tassadar

    BD Majin Vegeta

    Ok Im sure your all getting tired of my boring edits, but this hopefully will be the biggest one yet. Basicly what im doing is taking Zereth's awesome Vegeta skin and making it BD and Majin. But heres the deal.. I was planning on taking off flaps of his clothes to make it look more realistic...
  6. Tassadar

    2 new edits :\

    lol I made more edits, one from Smo's SSJ3 goku and the other from Vegeta from Kreshi's SSJ4 pack. Nothing specail really, just recolored them... heh
  7. C

    South Park Pack

    Can somone make a south park pack...u know make the models ( which should be easy) and the sounds should be easy 2. I just think that it would be funny to make.
  8. Ryoko

    A.. uhn thingy. Featuring Ryoko

    I dunno what it falls under but I decided to post it anyway. What do you all think?
  9. F

    first background

    Critz Please!
  10. Mr. Satans

    .wrl Models

    What in teh heck d'ya use to make/edit .wrl models?
  11. M

    BD Ssj3 Goku

    I got this model from --> RSM Really cool models that I like. (ingame they look really cool :yes: ) :)
  12. S

    just wanted to ask everybody -

    what do u think of my drawings? drawing skills? give me everything u've got! u think u suck? say so! u think they r most impressive (always wanted to say that...hehe)? say that too! everything that comes to ur mind! and b harsh! if u think im 1 of the worst just tell me
  13. Ryoko

    Trunks wp!

    Take a peek! You know you want to!
  14. F

    Forever Alone

    This is an image I made quite a while back....thought some of you might enjoy it so....BLEH!
  15. Megasaxon


    bleh o_o
  16. M


    watchasthink :S?
  17. I

    Vegeta..model check all 3:D **i was having trouble with the link, it was causing popups and stuff so here are some alternative links if any of you are having the smae problems as me:-