1. V

    ESF 1.3 final version when ?

    Hello I have 2 questions 1. This mod will be the HL1 or HL2 2. Very my a like binding the mod graphics, etc. I am in shock you are geniuses, one knows when this game comes out Final 100% so years approximately ? If there was such a topic in advance apologize.
  2. F

    Binding powerup and turbo key

    Sorry, I'm not sure if this is the correct place to put it, if not please move it. Anywho, I was wondering if there was anyway to bind both my power up key and my turbo key to one key, with out the turbo turning off when I let go of the key. I know how to bind them to one key, but turbo turns...
  3. B

    Help With Key Binding!

    Ok I wanted to know how to bind teleport and energy to different keys? Can anyone please tell the command?
  4. Warbandit

    Binding delay

    Is there a way to wait until something is done in binding? i want to make soemthing happen right after your char. transforms and i want it to be in the same button. can someone help? P.S :this is for a script similar to the ssj script that allows you to make more transformantions! at least it...
  5. A

    Binding beams!!!

    I just wanted to know what they mean by binding beams thanx ESF rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!