1. john_volkov

    Alternative fire for BigBang

    So got a alternative fire mode move for the big bang I think evrybody this this attak and i say it suld be for the alternative Big Bang attack so what do you think
  2. Kurachi

    gallitgun and bigbang ideas

    well... i had idea for gallitgun: it should use less energy because it's even weaker then kamehameha and idea for bigbang : it should charge as fast as current one but ... it should cost less energy and you can move while charging that's my idea ps.just ideas so say if you like it or not, and...
  3. A

    Bigbang kamehameha animation

    Hi all, im making an animation for gogeta model, trying to animate bigbang, i added a kamehacharge at the end of bigbang blends animation, but when i compile it crashes and cant compile it. i can compile model with default animation. How can i modify bigbang blends and compile it? need help. bye.
  4. B

    Deathball,Bigbang,Final flash,kameha,: Which gives more bang for its buck??

    read the topic, i think bigbang but if frezza has a 2 power muti on trans then deathball
  5. thor

    Red Bigbang Attack

    You can download it from my site in the beams section.
  6. T


    everywhere around i hear people talk about that '****in big bang'. almost all people think it's a damned attack, and just as ****ed up as a disc. and so most of you want it to be banned from the game. that surely would be a bad idea, cuz if you try to make a game as close to the...