1. sub

    I'll be gone for a few months in protest of me not being an admin

    I'm going to be leaving this forum for a few months as a protest of me not being an admin. I expect tears to be shed and I expect to be crowned admin upon return. As we all know, the only reason that there is order on this forum is because everyone is afraid they're going to be banned by me...
  2. Dzamija

    Bid For Power 4.0 "Final". -_-

    I just downloaded said game, whose size was around 2.5 GB. All I have to say is: What. The. ****. It is STILL the same old idiotic game with ****ty models and ****ty maps, only now there's enough of them to take up 2 and a half gigs. The coding is IDENTICAL to the original. NOTHING has...
  3. Zeonix

    I Bid You Adieu

    Before we get down to the nitty gritty, I must inform you, my brothers and sisters, that I will not be around for several months. Please, please, I beg of you. Hold back your tears. Allow me to continue. Yes, it's true. I will be gone until late February. I've been summoned by the Imperial...
  4. KYnetiK

    DBZ : Bid For Power

    Has anyone ever come across or played Bid For Power? Came across it randomly looking for a picture. From the looks of it, seems like an attempt at ESF for Quake III. They had legal dramas and were forced to get rid of Dragonball...
  5. D

    Anyone familer with Bid for Power?

    Ever since the quake 3 mod bid for power went down, it was a sad day, but i found ESF, and was wondering if you guys had anything planned to protect ESF from going down like bid for power did. Bid for power was a DBZ mod for QUAKE 3 that was forced to be shut down. now im worried about ESF...
  6. M


    Any of u guys try the mod of Quake 3 Bid for power (The older version which had dbz models untill it was sued) well that was the best and only dbz mod i've played im glad there is a cs 1 and its online as well :] well im downloadng it now gj with the mod guys :laff: :yes:
  7. crazykorean10

    Bid for Power

    well i am getting quake 3 soon :) but i was wondering if bid for power was accualy good (the BFP forum is down) beacause people say that sometimes there are no servers :(
  8. S

    Bid for Power 2

    Hello, I am Synth (Professional Trance DJ) for the BFP2 team. We are currently working on the project as of right now. We started on March 22nd, 2004. Please visit our website and register at the forums, thank you.
  9. I

    Bid For Power 2

    The Bid For Power 2 project has just begun. Though some work has already been done on the project, it is now time that the team is starting to get things underway. Bid for power 2 will have a seperate engine and a new system entirley. The team is wonderful and Im confident that we will not be...
  10. Hajime

    Why Earth Special Forces And Not Bid for Power

    Why Are So many of us playing Earth special forces on line when bid for power is far better. it is based on the quake 3 engine while earth special force is based on half lifes engine which in turn is on quake 2 's engine. the game Bid For Power has better pretty much everything So Why...
  11. O

    i need english bid for power

    can someone get me english bid for power part 5? those who might have it probably know its splitted in 5 rar files.. i managed to download 4 of them then the website screwed! plz someone help me.
  12. G

    Has anyone tried Bid for power (q3 mod)

    Yea I've played it and it's pretty sweet. You should try it out: also they have one that is dragonball Z, its entitled English Bid for Power. This is like a mod for Bid for power (a DBZ mod). the site for that is here:
  13. K

    skinning question

    Is it possible to take a skin off a Bid For Power model and put it on a esf model without having to change anything on the model?
  14. A

    bid for power???

    has anybody played it? Is it worth buying quake so i can download it? What is ur opinion about it?
  15. Logan4434


    does anyone know where to get bfp(bid for power) models?i went to one once but i dont know where anymore :cry:
  16. D

    bid for power

    what is the bid for power site adress oh sorry i found it
  17. *HurleyBoy*

    Bid For Power

    does anyone play that bfp anymore? i mean i remember when it was just started to become a mod back then but i never got a chance to play it...i was going to go buy a copy of quake 3 just to play that mod but i won't if it's not being played can someone tell me what's up with that...
  18. S

    form four freeza

    anyone want to skin my frieza. its the cyborg model i tried to skin its body but it suked but i did good on the head though and can anyone animate it also. this is one of my first models so it might not be very good. i got the arms and the tail from the origonal frieza and the legs from the...
  19. Z

    android no 17 (for wariors of destiny)

    android 17 klick on the name c 17 the uper one is for esf the lower one is for my game wariors of estiny :D credits to the trunks and vegeta maker for the c17 model for esf
  20. G

    DBZ Mod Bid For Power

    I know i wrote this before but this time i wanna be more specific i played ESF and its just amaziling good but some people might think that BFP is better please post what you think is better and why.....
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