1. john_volkov

    Senzu bean's ideea

    well the ideea it's verry simple to make senzu beam to spawn on a map in difrent locations evry 30 sec so that it will be hard to find if they move from one place to an other and you will be verry lucky to find them this way even the noobs can find them accidently so the senzu beans ar more...
  2. O

    Sensu bean bug

    I'm not sure it's a bug, but right now eating a sensu bean doesn't recover your stamina. Do you think it should?
  3. liad

    senzu bean..

    right click to throw one doesnt work...
  4. Silent_Bob

    Sensu Bean Option

    This will probably get put down quite violently, but I was wondering if in v1.3 it could be set so that the saijans get a raise to their power level after eating a sensu bean at low health. But to make it fairer they would have to be under 10 health for a while, or some such condition like that...
  5. H

    how 2 use sensu bean

    i know it is very noobish, but i really dont know how to use a sensu bean, plz tell me
  6. Yazuken

    Adding sensu beans

    How do you add sensu beans to ur esf maps?
  7. K

    The Sensu Bean

    In the Game i try REAL Hard to use it i tried pressing the "use" key and left clickin and holding it down but it wont work, i even tried throwing it and it wont work am i doing sumthin wrong?
  8. G

    senzu bean

    how do u enable senzu bean in a server
  9. H

    Mapping Help Please !

    Can anyone help me please, i have a problem with my map ! when i test it, the character was a bit over the ground and not direct on the ground ! Please can anyone help me ! I use : Hammer 3.4 and the ZHLT and TCBB ! Because i didnt found HLCC Kann mir hier vielleicht irgendeiner...
  10. Z

    need help exporting

    i edited piccalo and delted his ears and now every time i try i get grabbing .\/piccolo.smd grabbing .\/look_idle.smd grabbing .\/idle.smd grabbing .\/deep_idle.smd grabbing .\/run2.smd grabbing .\/run_backward.smd grabbing .\/walk2handed.smd grabbing .\/walk_backward.smd grabbing...
  11. TAz00

    Invisible Bean bags?

    When i compile a map, and play it after... the sensu bean bags are invisible, or actually they are underground. dunno why. Does anyone know why?
  12. B

    Sensu Beans

    Has the problem with the sensu beans being under ground been fixed for beta 1.1?
  13. T

    Sensu bean

    what is the point of it can it be used i had over 35mil and i never got one how much do u need to get one? ;/
  14. F

    Sensu Bean Bug

    Lol it's pretty funny but I killed someone with a Sensu bean!.. I'm not sure if this was already reported I have an SS it's just I dont kno how to upload... I r forum newbie ... =(
  15. V

    Senzu Bean!!!!!

    Hi can someone tell me if there is a sensu bean in esf_afm map. and while i was playing this guy came to mi server and put a code for infinte senzu bean. I asked him how he got it and he said it was a secret code fer infinite senzu bean so can someone tell me the code for it plz..thx:D
  16. S

    Senzu Bean Locations?

    Just out of curiousity, can anyone tell me what maps have senzu beans, and where they are? I know esf_riverside has some in the river, but thats all I know! Any others???
  17. Z

    Senzu bean model too low?

    Well, by extremely lucky happenstance, I managed to find Senzu beans on one map... And I found out why no one can find 'em... They're invisable! Eaither that or the model is a tad too low... Anywho, it seems whenever a senzu bean is NOT thrown (at which point it takes the physics of a...
  18. Frieza

    Senzu Bean Locations

    Hello Think anyone could help me out here Im trying to find out the locations for the senzu's So Far I know riverside- in the lake near the bridge thats all can anyone help
  19. AscendantSaiyan

    Sensu Bean's

    In the alpha u could throw the beans but they fell down really quick. Someas strong as these fighters should be able to throw a bean mile so is it fixed? or could u be implemented? do the animations work for it? is the function even in the beta. sounds like a lot of question but its not really :D
  20. AscendantSaiyan

    Sensu Bean Tariff

    most maps dont have too many sensu beans. thats to stop sensu bean campers. right? well i think that sensu beans should come with a PL price every time u take a sensu bean it thats away a percentage of your PL like 5% or something. What cha think?