1. bapplebo

    General Bass Playing

    Felt inspired by Hash's video to post something less dirty and more noob. Try to enjoy, i know it's lame, but I have a headache and i couldn't be bothered getting my pick out for certain songs. Also played some guitar solos. i think, can't remember.
  2. Taurus 2112

    Shredding Bass anyone?

    Well my poll on the best Guitarist out there is generating quite a few hits so I thought Id throw this one in for all of you bass connoisseurs out there. So this one is gonna be more difficult to generate the hits but lets see what we can do alright? My vote it with Geddy Lee(RUSH) my...
  3. Sesshoumaru

    bass exe

    heres some art i found
  4. sexyasian86

    Mega Man X/Rush Armor

    here it is. ^_^<--click here if u cant see picture. i got bored? not really. for a mod i'm working for. then i made it for esf. ^___^ replaces gohan wh00t. [, gonna get started on the rush armor for your...
  5. A

    Pikkon pack Release!

    Go get it here: