1. ZeroNightmare

    Bah, Rate Sig.

    was following some tutorial on making a sig, i'm not really fond of it, but i like my new pattern and the shadow effect i did.
  2. R

    Why does my net keep D/C'ing? bah, help

    For a month now, ive been trying to come back to this game, but every 10 minutes my net drops. The only way to bring it back up is when i Unplug my modem, and plug it back in. If i dont, it stays down indefinatley. Does anyone know whats wrong? The lights on my modem randomly start flashing when...
  3. N


    The site is down, but the forums aren't. And this makes me a little suspicious: "will be back online in early February" =P
  4. =Cheezy=

    BAH Read. <-----

    Argh, when i first tried to play it gave me the Dll differs stuff so i put in the patch. After that i tried to play, i was like 'Oh yeah! its gonna play!' but when the map finished downloading it said like, "Sound Needed: Meleesc., Disconnecting." Can some one explain to me...
  5. Suh Dude

    Bah, my sig....lost touch..

    Well, i guess i lost my touch in photoshop....but i gave it a try.... any tips?
  6. Enix

    Bah, First Tablet Drawling

    lol, i know its terrable but i jut got a tablet yester day and i was messin around with it tryin to figure it out and i final figured it out but im no pro....yet :D Dont make fun...[rofl] :laff:
  7. NeLo

    Bah Love Sux..

    Well guys im feeling pretty fudged up right now cuz my girl is gone for a long time and im getting kinda lonely... :( so i made this pretty crappy sig just out of boredm' and im feeling pretty crappy. wEll here its is.. Feel free to give me a gun so i can shoot myself................BTW...
  8. S


    ~ <TABLE style=filter:glow(color=hotpink,strengh=#+1)> i say magus you say pride MAGUS -- MAGUS -- MAGUS -- I LOVE YOU MAGUS!!!!!! lets get together and download :laff: </table> ps. sup magus
  9. A


    i jus wanna say im so dissapointed in esf for the lack of the cool android models...:( plz someone make them...
  10. Kama

    KK, to ESF

    I used to do mini comics on the DMZ forums, I posted this one, based on my experience with the ESF modification, there awhile ago, it had a good reaction. So I decided to try it here, if you guys like it I may do more. Or show my past ones... which don't relate to ESF but I still enjoy. So enjoy!
  11. Nuttzy

    form 2 cooler, (or 5th if your a dbz nerd)

    edit****** FINISHED MODEL!!!!, if you crit it keep it simple so i can fix it the chrome looks wierd cuz thats a milkshape screenshot, not hlmv, it looks proper in hlmv, now i got to assign the guy to frieza2's skeleton ******************** official, hes ingame, and...
  12. Mr. Satans

    ESF_Island (Out Of Proportion)

    I believe I mentioned this before in another topic a long time ago, but I'd thought I'd make a thread of it after I saw ESF_Island in v1.1b. The house on ESF_Island is out of the thread titles says. Anyways here's a pic.
  13. S

    i need some advice

    does someone know a mdl program but i dont need to buy it and i dont need to use milkshape3d to get the mdl in the ''program'' dont say milkshape3d or gmax.. you would be very nice to me.. if someone dont answear i think this is my end of making models thank you!
  14. S

    vegeta gt

    does anyone have vegeta in his dbgt clothes. thanx in advance
  15. Virtigo Seven

    Burning Gundam Model

    What about a Burning Gundam Model with like Gohan or Goku stats and powers?
  16. M

    Heres a idea...

    Well just a thought, (i dont want them) but What if someone model like mortal combat peeps etc scopian, sub zero, etc
  17. S

    FOR Twilight critz please. its for some one else.

    here Twilight. i hope you like it, tell me if you want that inverted thing. tell me on AIM or sumthin =) enjoy
  18. VivaLaPineapple

    my xmas present to u guys lol

    i just wanted to show this new wp that i made. im loving 3ds max btw if u r a DA member u can comment on it there aswell. my account name is socketto
  19. S

    Ps2 Cover Contest Finalists

    Well, The three finalists for the Psx/Ps2 Cover Contest have just been chosen! All of your entries were great so don't get offended if you weren't chosen because each cover came real close! The three finalists for the Ps2 Cover Contest are: Hsu Neco Nazghul Please vote...
  20. M

    can any1 make me a grown up gohan