1. Almighty_Gir

    i has 2 babies!!! :o

    ain't they cute? :D (i actually have 3, but the other is camera shy and won't stay still to have his photo taken).
  2. O

    Well, A Cannibal that Eats Babies is Coming to my College...

    That's right, Karl Rove himself. I will have the chance to ask him one question, and I came up with a few, but by all means, I'd like some better ones if possible. If you have ones that are funny, they can't be over the top (why do you eat babies?) or else they'll kick me out and ban me from...
  3. ZuL

    Evil guy with babies!

    ...I couldn't come up with a name for it :D First I drew a demon, and I became satisfied with it. Next, I modeled it. Still good. AND NOW, I made a (simple, yet somewhat artistic) background out of it. What do you think? Keep in mind I haven't tried making a decent background before...
  4. B


    It is true the babies are coming and they are going to take over the starting with the internet, if you don't belive me then ask SierraSonic and he will agree with me.o_o they are watching me and they will get you too:devgrin:
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