1. Brim

    GOLDEN AXE!!!!!

    Probably my favorite games of all time were the Golden Axe series on the Sega Genesis. I would play them for hours on end, mystified by the killer soundtrack and extremely believable death sounds of NPCs (yes I'm being sarcastic there). So, I'm browsing games for 360 as I just got mine and I...
  2. Deman

    Axe Advice

    Alright, so lately I've been feeling the pull back to playing again. Thing is, I didn't have any formal training, and lack the funds to get formal training now. I'm pretty sure a lot of you guys taught yourself to play, so what advice do you have to offer? Any specific books, websites, or...
  3. Hash

    Got My New Axe!

    Well, it was actually like a few weeks ago when I got it, i've just been too lazy to take some pics till today. Anyways, It's an Ibanez RGT42-BP, I got it used (everything is still in perfect condition) off of ebay for $400 american. Retail price is around $799.99 I believe (don't quote me on...
  4. Taurus 2112

    Greatest Axe Skills out there:

    Ok folks's whose the best of the best in your opinion....I'm gonna base mine off of skill but you go right ahead and post your opinion. Please back it up I dont want to see anything like "OMG!!1!1 JIMI HENDRIX AMS TEH UBER ROXORS!!! HE WILL PWN JOO!!1!" So my vote is gonna have to be a tie...
  5. M

    MechMod Siver Axe

    w00t skinned finally =X, very late >_o but hurrah! all by smo!
  6. Nuttzy

    SPECIALiSTS Battle Axe, katana replacement

    its a quickly made and quickly skinned project, but it looks killer ingame, heh even has a bloody version for the fps view after ya kill someone, (that should be the right one, i previously packed the wrong mdls in the zip, it should be...
  7. S

    [ALPHA MREL] No-vest-GSM

    PIC UPDATED Credits to AZN Dragon I made this a while ago and asked to skin it, but nothing happened, so I release it to the public to play it bit with the skin. I rebuild the upper torso and attached just a temporary skin. IT'S ONLINE CLICK MY SIG
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