1. MONXver2.0

    ESF lava pit

    I'm no mapper , but I think this souldn't be here. o_o Just in case you missed it. :)
  2. VivaLaPineapple

    which sig?

    which version is better?
  3. G

    "Neo-GEo game char Image-Pics"

    hi ya! i made some pics and working now on a Terry pic fom King of Fighters 2001:) here r my current pix 1. 2. comments plz pic current under construction:
  4. Q

    Need some opinions

    Sup everyone its been awhile since i posted anything in the forum I finally decided to make something in photoshop again but i'v basically lost any skill i ever had. I was trying to make myself a sig and this is what i came up with the first one was made for me and the...
  5. S

    how to make maps?

    i just got esf and i want to make a map how do i make maps?
  6. Chimpbot

    Haven't had a Band Poll in awhile..

    Okay guys.... Vote for your favorite band(if its listed) If it aint, vote for your second favorite. Talk it up.
  7. J

    Esf Closes Automaticly After Awhile!

    how come esf closes all by itself automatically!!?!? can somebody tell me how to fix this because this happens to me wit WormsHL also!
  8. A


    By request of -[gF]- Janemba, i will be maiking a tree of might map. If Tien lets me post pic on his site then i will post them here. I intend to make the map public. This will be the first map in awhile for me so i dont know how good it will be so we will see. Just wait itll be good, i promise.