1. L

    Need Avatars!!!!!!!!

    hey i need avatars, i need every one you see, when you do would you please send them to me @ Legolas@x-tremegn.com thank you
  2. Mewtwo

    about custom avatars and requirements

    I really don't see the point of having post requirements for a custom avatar, it is seen by some to be a way to reward big posters but usurally just leads to pointless spam. Just a sugestion, It's not like I have any trouble getting there or anything.
  3. D

    Broli in possible avatars

    Heres a question that puzzled me? Why do u have Broli as an avatar if you are stopping the game before gt.
  4. M


    Can someone give me some links or post up pics of some CRAZY mystic Pix?? its weird that i cant find any cel pics.. anything would do nicely.. even some in game pics like gohan powering up or something! Thankso_o
  5. Optional

    Optional art topic

    i got bored and i screwed around with photoshop and i made an ava...i think... what ya think? i may make an matchin sig
  6. W


    hey, I made this yesterday: what do you guys think about it?
  7. B

    sigs and avatars (but really.. the sigs)

    k ive been roaming around the forums everyday and was wondering..... HOW DO U MAKE THOSE SIGS!!! i really dont' know a thing about em and was wondering if someone could teach me how step by step or something... i'm shooting for one that is about BATMAN!!!!! i've seen some cool...
  8. S

    how come ppl can have self made avatars???

    why does some ppl have selfmade pictures as avatar and they dont have the 150 posts????
  9. Big Bang Attack


    avatars does any body know where to get the moving DBZ ones. Thanks to ppl that reply
  10. L33T ha4or

    pics for custom avatars

    i know this prob should be in another section but it sort of fits into a few sections and this one is the best general one that everyone visits. This is the best single source of DBZ (and GT i think) pics out there, ya could use most of the little ones for custom avatars and the bigger ones...
  11. G


    I have increased the max avatar size to 100x100 and max filesize to 10Kb. woof! :cry:
  12. Majin Vegeta 05


    Maybe a wider Selection of avatars
  13. U

    big avatars?

    how u get those big avatars?
  14. Hibiki


    arg i hate this stupid file size limit at 5k!!! thats too small for anything good!!! i mean i could see having 5k for hosting from the forums but i should be able to link a larger file size image from another site.... but noooo so i think the avatar file size limit should be increased!!!
  15. D.C. Darkling


    there cool but.... I want a custom one. Time to hit the reply button. :D Lets get me 150 posts. :D
  16. GundamSeph


    Question: What happened to the avatars? You can't link to offsite or upload. Whenever you do you got good ol' Android 18 in your face, lol. Gets kinda annoying.. Yep
  17. S


    Sorry if this is spam but if you want dbz avatars go http://www.dbz.9f.com/avatars/ they have a large selection of them.
  18. A

    like my avitar?

    hey everyone.. i made a avitar all by myself!! tell me what u think oh and this is the large version since iss hard to make that one out
  19. A


    Hey, where can i find a pikkon avatar.
  20. V

    Come here to try out your sigs and avatars