1. vanji

    Forum Avatars

    I know... "wait until the next forum upgrade to upload your avatar" ... But, PLEASE, make it quick, dont wait until a upgrade which converts the whole forum, just make a little fix for the avatars b4 that :rolleyes:
  2. Amayirot Akago


    It's prolly just because of the state the forums are in right now, but I can't change my avatar!! When I try to link to a picture nothing happens; trying to upload a pic gives me an error message. Please fix this ASAP!!
  3. X


    SuP guys, im new to this whole ESF stuff. Ive been playing for a week now and i signed up on forums yesterday :) But i got a prob. When i go to the avatar page, i cant see the pics, so i cant choose my avatar. Some1 help. Thx. (i also cant see all the smily faces) Peeeaace.
  4. I


    umm.. i'm not sure if you guys have noticed, but you can't upload an avatar, can this be fixed? :rolleyes:
  5. -=Real_Dog=-


    <--------------ca you see my avatar? im having troubles i dont know if it's just on my work computer or on all computers, i cant see my avatar and some others, i went to change my avatar picture but couldn't load any up it was blank on both pages, please help because i like my kid buu picture
  6. GMan

    Forum Suggestion (Avatars)

    Why is the avatar size limit at 10kb, but the 'profile picture' (whatever that's for) is 60kb? I suggest increasing the avatar size to at least 30kb. It's not that much to ask really, it's not like it will clog someone's bandwith when most people have 200+kb signatures to begin with. This is the...
  7. C


    Testing my new avatar to see if it works.
  8. CM

    Costum Avatars?

    How do you use costum avatars?
  9. S

    Custom Avatars

    would some1 please tell me how to post costume avatars.
  10. Buce

    sigs & avatars

    somone probably already asked this but how do u make a custom avatar or put one that is not on the list and how do u put a pic where the sig is?
  11. P

    Cute Avatars

    Grrrrr Mine! :devsmile:
  12. D


    how can you upload your own avatar insted of the old esf form avatars?:cool: *edit* my bad i found out *KILL THIS THREAD*
  13. M

    how do I make new avatars?

    If ne1 can teach me or tell me how to get new ones that'd be 5w337!!!11!!
  14. ssj999vegeta

    custom avatars

    how do i use custom avatars????
  15. Twilight

    How do you set Avatars?

  16. T


    how do i change my avatar to a pic from a site?
  17. |Da|K|

    Sig for a friend CRizt plz

    i made this sig for my friend Hawki_ice (took me 3 min so bare with me)
  18. rarthax221


    i want to know how i can get my own avatar. i know that i can choose from a list of avatars obviously but, i didnt see anything that tells me how to load one :confused: and my pic below isnt seeming to work...?
  19. S


    it wont let me make this picture my avatar because its too big!! its smaller then most of your avatars and its telling me mines too big how do i make it smaller?
  20. B

    Gohan with Cape And ssj2 Gohan Battle Damage

    Hi all i edit a little bit Sbolts Gohan *at Sbolt :) i make a little bit Battle Damage And il remodel a little gohan1 from esf *credit to Modler fom this :) i put from gohan 1 the head on sbolt gohan body and cape looks funny Thx to tha Real Modler :) Images: And download...