1. Naturphoenix

    car audio

    Hey guys, haven't posted for awhile. My computer went down because my psu was making a humming noise ~.~ finally replaced it. Also ive been tinkering with my car's stereo system lol
  2. Skyrider

    Software to automatic cut audio in multiple parts.

    Do any of you know a need software which is able to cut a (example) 8 hours long audio mp3 (no movie) in to multiple parts automatically, such as 15min per and creates an MP3 out of it?
  3. Ness

    Line-In Audio lag with windows 7

    I have this annoying lag on my audio playback, from a line-in source, which is seriously ****ing annoying. Makes doing what I do a nightmare, between what I instantly hear in my headphones, which plays about 0.4 seconds later through my speakers. Does anyone know what is causing this Line-In...
  4. Deathshot

    Pulp Fiction Audio Mix Beasty
  5. J

    how to add audio

    hey i downloading a character but he has no sounds... if i wanted to add my own and bring him to life what do i need to do i treid making a folder with his file name and then C_intro and w.e sound i chose but that dident work so what would i need to do to get it to work
  6. V

    A Call for the audio editors of the board

    I need a little help with something here, a friend of mine is gave me a solid hour long track that he made(in the form of a .wav) and asked if i knew how to cut it into tracks, and still play without noticeable transitions on a cd. At first i just threw it into adobe premier and started cutting...
  7. KidMan

    Extracting Audio

    If there a way to extract background music from a conversation? If I try to add my music over top the clip, the sound becomes garbage. My goal is to just have the talking and have my music play instead. And yes, this is with DBZ.
  8. J-Dude

    Anybody Have These DBZ audio Bits?

    I've been searching and on the lookout for two pieces of sound from DBZ that have long eluded me. First is the not-in-soundtrack intro to the Super Saiyan Vegeta theme. You often hear it in the show befor the main chorus. Its been hard to find an instance where voice and sfx aren't in the...
  9. imkongkong

    audio extraction from a MKV file?

    can anyone help me in extracting audio from a mkv file and converting to a wav file when theres two languages to choose from? =o EDIT: found out how and needed...
  10. ZeroNightmare

    Audio Editing Software

    is there any program that i can use to like... remove the vocals from a song, like editing sound waves and removing them or something :O oh help me out. i'm fairly sure its possible
  11. SaiyanPrideXIX

    PS2 audio problem...

    I got a slim PS2 today because my old one is pretty much toast. I have the multitap that can convert between both PS2's (the madcatz one, it adjusts to be for the slim or the 'fatty' one). When I plugged it in to my BRAND ****ING NEW slim PS2--something I've done on tons of other slim...
  12. Chakra-X

    Dragonball Z-Japanese Audio or English Audio

    There are some people that prefer to listen/hear the Japanese music/ dialouge and some that prefer the English...And some prefer one of the other languages. Just wanted to see who prefered which... I prefer both english music and voices. Now it's probably going to be because I heard the...
  13. Ravendust

    X-Fi, future of audio?

    Creative are bringing out a new technology for their soundcards called X-Fi, which promises to give a full surround sound experience without surround sound speakers. You can have it on 2.1 speakers, or even 2.0 (standard). It has three modes, one for gaming, one for media and one for creating...
  14. Ravendust

    Splitting audio from video

    Is there a program that lets you take a video file and remove the audio to have a silent video? I really need one and google didn't help me out :( Video's I need to split: .avi and .mpg. Formats I need to split it into: Video - .avi or .mpg Audio - .mp3, .wav or .wma. Any help would...
  15. gpas

    video recording and audio

    quite a while ago one of the esf members posted a tut on how to get video and audio out of half life do any of you know were abouts i could fiund this or tell me how to do it peace out gpas
  16. G

    Audio Question

    I am trying to burn a file onto a CD. It keeps having errors. What does it mean when it says the parameter is incorrect? This is a legal burn.
  17. H

    Audio help

    I have a soundmax digital audio, with windows xp installed with 2 ghz, 512 ram, 9800 xt 256, and it’s a sony viao. my problem is when i first start my pc my sound works and my microphone works. But not to long after start my settings get changed by something, my audio and voice settings say...
  18. D

    Making ESF 5.1 AC3 audio

    Was wondering , is it possible to make ESF support Digital 5.1 AC3 format sounds ... couse this could be realy great you can hear if someone is flying to you from back ... voices comming out of front speaker only and all
  19. L

    Need Help With Audio Components

    Ok i just bought a brand new DVD player that comes with all the trimmings... my debate is wether to hook an optical cable to my home theater or just hook it in by coaxial. now i know very little if anything about optical but hear it's a superior way to go for awsome sound quality.. i'm...
  20. JDeezNutz

    Audio converter help.,.,.,.

    ok well i have eJay 360 xtreme soundtraxx but you can only save your progress in .MIX instead of .MP3, so does anyone know/where i can get a udio converter which changes .MIX file to .MP3 file? thanks in advance
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