1. sub

    If I may have your attention, please: ****! Sim City 5 to have always on DRM The game just went from an instant buy to nothing.
  2. Almighty_Gir

    ATTENTION PLEASE! happy birthday thread.

    happy birthday Kaination.
  3. fululu


    Hello guys need much help of you, how do I add new models to bots. In my esf bot there are only 9 players, how do I add such broly and how to play against broly bot.I 9 tried to change the bots, but not geti.there a tool to edit and add bots? I watched a video on which shows the...
  4. Skyrider

    TF2: Attention Employees...

    <a href=""> Friendship ends in one day.</a> Yesterday's blog news.. Today, possible class update? Soldier, demo or perhaps.. engineer?
  5. Damaera

    Attention: about the chatbox.

    Hey guys. Would just like to let you know, that you shouldn't disable the disable the chatbox no matter what. It seems Skyrider installed a faulty version of the chatbox that permanently disables the chatbox when you disable it.
  6. KidMan

    Attention, Everyone!

    Do chicks dig Giant Robots, or is this a myth?
  7. VideoJinx

    Pay Close Attention

    Okay this is something I'm so very glad I found on my desktop today. I thought many of you may want to hear this. Keep in mind that this audio was created in the 1970's, the things you'll hear will completel be relevant AND ontop of that, you may hear about certain technology that you...
  8. Rayos

    I hate this type of attention getting

    My friend's father calls me i am having a good day today until about 20 minutes ago. Apparently my friends father kicked him out of the house due to a fighting quarrel. The 21 year old friend of mine calls his fathers office and leaves a message saying by the time he gets this...he will...
  9. J-Dude

    Attention Losers @ ESF: It may not be your fault!!!

    Alright, I've just been playing ESF, literally a few minutes ago, and I realized something that was like a revelation: It may not be your skill level, but your ping, that makes you suck at ESF. At first I was playing a map that unbeknownst to me, was in Australia. I got my ass handed to...
  10. Pain

    Attention! - Upcoming Forum Competition needs YOU!

    We're in the process of setting up the next Forum Competition for you folks, but we need your help! Please nominate forum users who you would like to see duke it out in combat! You may nominate anyone you wish. Active, inactive, banned, moderator, team member, it doesn't matter! We're looking...
  11. KidMan

    Attention Everyone!!!!

    I am leet. It says so in my post count!
  12. DiebytheSword

    ATTENTION! Forum Purge Scheduled for tommorow.

    If you have posted fan fiction here, and it is older than two weeks old, and you wish to have a copy, please copy it today as the forum will be pruned within the next 24 hours. I have already saved all the rules and standings of the fight club, the rumble, any fight I've been in, and the End...
  13. F

    =/ Attention all mods/admins/pain

    K, so I officially hate AOL. I can't log in with it because it's a ****ing piece of ****. So i'm like "okay aol sucks, i can't log into the forums" so i try to create a new name, so that "new guy" "God I own" is actually me. I was going to use it to ask you guys for help as to why aol won't let...
  14. B

    book that has gotten little or no attention

    This book is probably the best i have ever read and the sequel has just recently been released The series is called Inheritance, and the first book is Eragon and the second book newly released is called Eldest...
  15. J

    Attention Brought To!

    Well a suggestion has been made and I think it should be brought to everyones attention Since some people don't read suggestions -_- THIS IS VERY WELL THOUGHT OUT AND ORGANIZED! I think everyone should Vote for it to be implemented or not It is a Ki System Idea And I Think Would Make The Game...
  16. X

    Attention Whore

    LOL Have any of you guys ever seen this image? And no, its not pr0n
  17. A


    I was playing on a couple servers this morning and this guy named Janemba with wonid 1597736 was hardcore crashing them. He had some funky scripts workin too. And to the sceptics, the first server crashed 6 times within 45 seconds, all happened after he connected.
  18. M

    owner attention required plzzzzz

    hi,i want to be a graphical designer i am already doing some maps so i wa wondering can i join the esf staff as a mapper modeler this is my info age 14 (i know im young) gender male hobbys Mapping drawing and playing esf and counterstrike
  19. DBZFever

    model not ripped

    "they ripped goku's model! they try to cover their ass by putting "By Entering This Page I Am Accepting The Fact That I Cannot:... 3) Charge Any Of The Staff\Persons Of Stealing, Fraud, Or Anything That Shall Harm Anyone" fortunatly, that wont hold up in any court, period. you cannot...
  20. TehMuffinMan

    >>>>>CLOUD STRIFE MODEL<<<<<

    latly, ive seen 2 sephiroph models and even a barrett model.. and who are we missing? cloud strife.. thats who.. heres a pic of our work: good is it not? ive been working on this for a decent amount of time now... ive also done a sprite and sounds to, but now onto the technical stuff...