1. M

    Error when adding bot or attacking

    MESSAGE_END called, but message buffer from .dll had oveflowed that is the error I get. I am using Steam.
  2. S

    Big Problem with attacking arrows first i´m from my english isn´t very well:-) So my problem, as you red it is that there are no arrows! I don´t see the white arrows of the enemy´s attack so i can´t react! I only see the green or red arrows...but that the time of reaction is empty. I tried to...
  3. imkongkong

    swoop attacking

    you should be able to shoot ki balls and generic beams and blasts while swooping :yes: only those.. sounds simple enough
  4. Grega

    attacking the afterimage

    it would be realy cool since the after image is already in 1.2 so here is the idea if u try to mele someone and he teleports away so your model can swing at the image and hit the air like in the show review player A swops at player B player B teleports away and player A swings and misses...
  5. D

    Attacking the ground

    All throughout DBZ you see people swinging at goku and missing and hitting the ground causing some giant hole in the ground the size of texas. Well, im not saying add that, but if you teleport above someone and swoop down at them and they teleport away you should be able to hit the ground...
  6. J

    Site with attacking techniques?

    Does some1 knows/has a site with attacking techniques, or melee strategies? Like how to make triple hit moves, or teleport tips. Advanced melee tips or something (for esf 1.1). I think a lot of people can use it, because the melee level is quit low, if you compare it with some people! Or is...
  7. I

    Transformation Attacking

    I'm curious, but why is this considered a "sin"? I was always under the impression that you transformed faster so there would be less of a risk. To transform early gives a great boost in power, but at a cost of vulneribility. And yet, people claim it's cheating. Perhaps it is just me, but I...
  8. K

    Advanced attacking

    Im getting annoyed with the same old flying and kicking hoping to get the lucky hit :cry: :idea: :idea: :idea: why dont you add some advanced fighting moves and combos, such as: >punch >kick >various combos (using different punch and kick combinations)...
  9. TimTheEnchantor

    Some hate going around maybe?

    I cant help but notice but some people are attacking others here on this forum....I dont want that to happen... Art is a form of expression, to see fellow artist's be cynical about remarks is just heart-wrenching for me.. This is a great place, would hate for it to turn to crap due to...
  10. W33dPl@nTj3


    does annybody know a good site to get some vegeta pics i can use for a sig? i would realy like one thats like in an attacking position thnx in advance:)
  11. S

    bug - attacking spectators

    I'm sure people already know about this because its not hard to figure out. First you select a character then while you are alive switch to spectator mode. If you get nailed by a huge ki blast or happen to be in a kiblob then you will actually die in spectator mode. Then you respawn as if you...
  12. S

    Attacking Eternal Dragon

    I heard this fella saying that he killed the dragon when he summoned it, can anyone confirm if this is possible because I have been unable to try this due to lack of dragonballs.