1. Mkilbride

    GeForce GTX 680: Kickin ass, and taking names.

    So the new 680 is out and reviews are in. This is incredible... Not only is it cheaper than the uses less power..and at stock runs faster than a OC'ed 7970 as well. It is about 80% as fast a 590, which is 2x580's. Such a leap! The thing is a beast! There was so many rumors...
  2. Damaera

    Siglemic - Pro ass mother ******* mario 64 speedrunner You guys should seriously watch this guy, he's a ******* pro.
  3. Mkilbride

    Steam kicks ass, Valve has proof. So basically, for the last 6 years, sales double every year, insane.
  4. Kaination

    Finally got off my lazy ass and made a sig

    Had this render for a while, finally put it to use. I had to look up some tutorials for new effects and styles, etc. so you might see it's different then other sigs :) My adam sandler sig was gettin old anyways. crits?
  5. Arsenovicius

    My Ass sig >.<

    Well i just couldn't resist Ow only that is a bit difrend then teh others 2 :p Adoults only i know it isn't rly good But i think in that sig the most important isn't the bg - or text - or whatever Woot :p
  6. Kaination

    My ass sig

    In an attempt to beat pain, I created an ass sig. o/ crits and comments. I think I outdid myself this time.
  7. KidMan

    Jack Ass - Number 2

    Dude, this movie was awesome. I saw it on Friday and I have to say, I never laughed harder at any movie. Anyone else thought it was good?
  8. |Overlord|

    Mario kicks ass Watch Mario kick ass. Need I say more? it speaks for itself.
  9. Ravven

    Gohan - Back and ass kickin' model ;D

    Hi guys! After long vacations/work in England I'm back!!! :D I know... you all missed me ;) :P So I've decided to finish my old project - Gohan. Here are some pics of him: Progress report: I've finally finished the hairs. Still need some work however (i mean back - look at them ...
  10. Son Goku

    okay im an dumb ass

    this month ive decided that every body can call me an dumb ass and a idiot. :p so all in the Esf-team and all people in this forum call me an idiot. :p and please don't say that im dumb just because i made this Thread :S
  11. X-boy

    Why is Klylin the Bad Ass in ESF

    I have watch the entire DBZ Episodes from Freeza to Buu Saga and Klylin is one of the most weakest character in DBZ and he can't surpass any of the Super Saiyans or Nemic. And in the movies he got only one hit and he is knocked out. So why did they make Klylin super strong in ESF, In his regular...
  12. L


    Hi, I jst bought Half-Life and I dont want to **** this up. I just installed it and now i want to download ESF Please someone tell me step by step how to set ESF up, PLEASE TELL ME AS SIMPLY AS POSSIBLE! Thank you.
  13. N

    Crazy ass server people

    Ok guys heres my problem, i start up a normal server not using half life dedicated server thingy, ok but later on when people start joining i have no control over whats going on, so can ne1 tell me commands to kick people, or can ne1 telll me about this admin mod. thankyou
  14. G

    Kurrrrr get yourrrr ass overrrrrr herrrrrrrre

    >:F Me will bring your nazi minion army to a halt!
  15. L

    Happy B-day ASs

    CRap i Meant to say Happy 18th Birthday ADD not ASS man i feel stupid.. anyway happy b-day my little mexican hoe
  16. N

    My NEW Kick Ass SIG

    Well i saw finding nemo.. and all the guys who saw it to... you all know why i have this sig... totally sweet dude... :smile: what do you think about it simple and easy...i think i like it look below 4 my sig :smile: greetz Niracle
  17. Morrone

    Revolutions Kicked Ass - Critics On Drugs(Lots of Spoliers)

    I saw the Matrix Revolutions today and it was awesome. Critics are saying it had a bad plot and crummy acting are a bunch of morons. I guess they simply can't comprehend the movie at all. The ending was really good and made a good close to the series. Don't post spoilers in here just reviews...
  18. D

    kick ass trunks pic looky looky thats the best trunsk pic ive ever seen in my life!
  19. H

    A VII Sig, it kicks ass

  20. Z

    goku ssj

    this is my goku ssj this is an edit of smo's gogeta stil not wil be done in a couple of days