1. FalconFury

    My apology

    Tbh: I apologies for being a troll, being a dumby, insulting, calling other people names, spamming, annoying other people in chats, stupidity, childish, none-sense, pretending, hate'n, disappointment blah blah blah, thrashing, language abuse, not following instructions, pretending to not know...
  2. B

    A formal apology (To Spunky)

    I would like to issue a formal apology. Spunky, I have wronged you. I have made heinous accusations based off my own insecurities, and for that I say unto you: I am sorry. Please, allow me to make up the pain and agony I have put you through. We'll start with a movie, with a happy ending, and...
  3. Gogeta91


    im sry this is off topic but i wanna say im sry to every 1 in this forum :cry: feel free to in sult me in the off topic forum
  4. S


  5. T


    I accept all your apologies, and now that iam happy can put the incident behind me..... On a different note; anyone like playing AVP2?;D
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