1. DJ-Ready

    Want to cancel your AOL account? Good luck!

    lol, my brother just sent me this ... its hilarious
  2. F

    I hate AOL, and you should too.

    Okay, so I have AOL (tomorrow Wednesday the 12th i'm getting HSI again) but for the time being and to fix this if it ever occurs again, I figured I'd ask here. Every 5 or so minutes when I'm on AOL. It will just crash and be like "goodbye" and then try to do one of two things; reconnect me...
  3. Tsunami

    A Must Read for AIM Users, AOL Alters AIM Terms of Service

    What this means is that AOL/Time Warner can take any/all your conversations and reproduce it (in all forms of media), claim it as theirs, and promote it. Thusly, you waive all right to private conversations. :/
  4. Zeonix

    Aol + Esf= bad news for me...

    First off, im a 56ker. Yes, i know. 56k sucks. Thats besides the point (im fairly good even with 56k). I recently switched over to aol for several reason that have nothing to do with esf (i was using at&t). For some odd reason, i lag tremendously when i try to play esf now. When i was on...
  5. Tsunami

    Is AOL that bad?

    I just got one of them AOL 9.0 Optimized cd's in the mail today, and I got to thinking "Is AOL that bad?" Whatcha'll think?
  6. P

    add me to your aol messenger people and talk to me now i need to ask questions

    my sn is El ASSO WIPO 54 please message me now!
  7. P

    where can i download this game? msg me at aol EL ASSO WIPO 54

    cn someone tell me where i can downnload this game how u play it n everything icoz i have no idea . please message me on ail aim my sn is EL ASSO WIPO 54
  8. S

    can someone.......

    Slideshow of how to make a small/basic map Can someone make a slide show of how to make a basic map on esf, im sure it would help a lot of newbs to map making. I have tried useing the esf tips and stuff on this subjsect but they arnt very usefull if someone could make one it would be a great...
  9. K

    Can Any One Send Me???

    dman_snakeway ?????? e-mail - [email protected] AOL INSTANT MESSENGER IS LIVINGDEAD1986
  10. Wyatt

    New Recharge Sprite

    Ok i gots a recharge sprite i dont got a host so i cant show some pics or release the file myself but if sum1 can release this for me then im me at [email protected] but it is muuuch better than the dots
  11. S

    bojack trunks finished

    ok heres the pic of the final trunks in my version.
  12. M


    plz send me ssj4 goku or ssj3 gotenks and i will send u ssj trunks send to [email protected] u fell my energy
  13. D


    here is my first esf map it´s nothing special just a try to make a good map it also includes some features like a health pool or breakable walls ...
  14. L

    How To Model

    Hi all, im a noob to modelling, so if you know your a master modeller and have the trime to teach me plz add me to msn at [email protected], or my AOL AIM, Denethor361. I really need help:cry: because everytimne i try to model something its turns out crap and rubbish, i can skin thats easy...
  15. HellBringer.


    ya..i made a gotenks model on G MAX and i m done expect for hte skin and the "ANIMATING" that i have noooooooooo idea how u make it and i don't no how u get SHOTS in g max all i no is the stuff that makes the model LOL someone tell me then i can post pics
  16. S

    look at this!!

    i was screwing around on milkshape when i got an idea to put the sword on trunks. i assigned it to his hand. he doesn't do any attacks with it but it looks cool. :) here are some gameplay pics. its in its holster when hes regular so when he turns ssj he has it. credits to me orig...
  17. G

    kidbuu skin

    <majindave> modelled and skinmapped me skin
  18. DaKD

    USSJ Vegeta (for those who wanted a bearable one)

    I took the time and made a bearable ussj vegeta. and this is not just a plain edit i edited the skin and scaled the props very carefully. dont tell me that it sux or not cuz i wont fix it. do it ur self if u think it needs fixin just give me and the original creator credit. Ill post some...
  19. T

    hmmm guess i should give these out

    Here is the world torniment version of gohan that Azn gave me when he decided not to finish them, i have completed it with much help from Cheeseman AKA mystic Krillin so credets to them it comes with a SSJ version and an SSJ2 version, i am aware of the skinless part under his arms when he does...
  20. KrazyKarl

    My Photograph Thread

    Hey guys, I've been kinda into shooting B&W pics lately and I will be posting a them on this thread as i get them developed, so tell my what you think... here are a few to get things started