1. krzyhox

    Dragon ball kai AMV

    Hi my Video coment ;D.
  2. Painkiller

    BGCekata's AMV It's a bulgarian site, but you can still see the video. A friend of mine asked me "what do you think of this?" and I thought I'd put it here as well. So... Thoughts!
  3. Damaera

    amigad!!!! first amv!!

    So I decided to go super low and nerd it out by making an AMV. FMA inspired me, so.. I made an AMV for the new FMA series. here it is!:
  4. C

    Epic DBZ AMV... MSUT SEE!

    Hey guys, please have a look at my DBZ AMV."] Please comment, rate and subscribe... Edit: oops, spelt must wrong :P
  5. Big Finish

    Rajosik's Vegeta AMV

    Uhh..guys, I made this thing, practically within a day...:] So lemme know how y'all liked it, and if you have a youtube a/c then rate and comment, (P.S. : ratings below 5 stars are not accepted..:devsmile: lol) Hope y'all like it...
  6. En'me

    Shine (AMV)

    After quite some time I ACTUALY managed to get a new hard drive (500 GB Very Happy), so I could contouinue (STFU, I know it's spelled wrong Razz) working on my amvs. So, I finaly managed to upload something that's over 1 min which is quite exiting, but it isn't a full AMV either. It isn't...
  7. Gama

    To Be Loved AMV

    Just finished my new AMV, lot of people were asking me to make a new one. Though I would show you guys: Direct download: hope u enjoy :)
  8. MinioN

    Best AMV videos

    Well i needed to post my best AMVs videos and you can post your best AMVs videos here. The best AMVs that ive ever seen:
  9. RavenTrunks

    (WIP) AMV Kenichi

    This is the begining of an amv im making from the anime "History's Stongest Deciple: Kenichi". It's only like 32 seconds long, reason why i'm posting this now is becuase I want to know if what i have now seems like it would turn out good or not I'm no video editor so I dont know if its even...
  10. Phobius

    Gundam:The 08th MS Team AMV (not mine) I thought I would show you guys this kick ass amv I came across its one of my top favorite at the moment just so well done the timing, the clips used and the emotion if you've seen the Gundam 0079: The 08th MS Team. The guy who uploaded it as well did...
  11. dan_esf_fanatic

    My fourth AMV.

    Finally it has come...boredom has gotten the best of me, and comes another monster from my brain. Here: Naruto AMV here's the high quality one.
  12. Mobius ^^

    All new AMV

    Hello all today I made a new AMV a really good one if I may say so myself. I wanna know what you like/dislike about this AMV ( I am aware of some 'bugs' in it) It is 2 minutes and 9 seconds long. The title of it is "Naruto - Ordeal Of Friendship"Link...
  13. S

    AMV Comedians

    ROFLOLOL, sry for makeing a new thread but this video is too funny.
  14. G

    Cell Games AMV

    you guys should watch this vid its really good and the music goes right in with the fights.
  15. dan_esf_fanatic

    Naruto AMV.

    This is my first Naruto AMV, with the song Smothered by Spineshank. I think the music fits pretty well, but I'm not sure about the AMV. Plz rate!
  16. Gon

    Black Cat AMV

    Just another anime music video I made since I was bored. Enjoy.
  17. dan_esf_fanatic

    Recommend me an AMV Maker.

    I've been using Honestech Video Editor up until now, but it has a very annoying watermark that I can't get rid of even with fully registering. So which one do you use?
  18. Andy011

    Improved AMV

    OK here we go: This is the improved version of my amv (the one in the sig). Hope you like it and enjoy =)
  19. Mobius ^^

    Amv made by shisho This is a AMV made by a friend of mine I hope you like it! :D
  20. veqeta

    Making An AMV.... it's my 2nd :O

    hey all i'm making an amv on the dragon shenron, the reason is because not much video's are done on him and i thought it would be unique too... i've gathered a few clips and things around of him and i think i got enough, the music i'm using is "the dragon theme" by bruce faulconer which i think...