1. Eacos

    Candy Beam alternative

    I was thinking of ways to make candy ray a bit different from its current version. Since I actually liked the idea I proposed before, I'll post it again but with some needed alterations. Here's my two cents: 1- Candy ray no longer kills you, instead it just becomes harder to use. You have to...
  2. D

    Alternative models (model suggestions)

    I know there is a system being implemented to allow for easy use of custom models, and i've got a few suggestions for possible replacements. Vegeta = Broly LSSJ was almost as strong as ssj2 but very bulky, like SSJ 3rd grade, but no speed loss. His forms could be reverted, ssj, and LSSJ. His...
  3. U

    hip hop/pop vs Alternative Rock/emo

    which type u like?
  4. john_volkov

    Alternative fire for BigBang

    So got a alternative fire mode move for the big bang I think evrybody this this attak and i say it suld be for the alternative Big Bang attack so what do you think
  5. M

    An Alternative result for a direct meelee hit

    I dont know if the good old fashioned way of meeleeing will still be able to use in 1.2, well... if it is then I have something new for 2 direct meelee hit of 2 players! simple! if they have about same pl and same ki( the diff can be with 20% up or down ) then when they both swoop to...
  6. E

    alternative health/ki for better fighting

    i thought of an alternative health and ki use esf. instead of having a fixed health, i think one should have health and ki the same. in dbz, u see that energy and health r v closely linked and that fighters could die if they overexert themselves. for example, the kaiokan could of killed goku if...
  7. suicidal_maniac

    Newber Sigs!!

    I made two new sigs for all the newbers out there. This is an alternative to Dudemans sigs. If you like use them. I made one for ESF and one for anyother forum. Feel free to use either one without giving credit to me. To use these sigs put this in your Signature option in your User...
  8. OneWingedAngel

    Making Models

    Ok everyone i want to know what i need to make a model? (notthing i have to buy stuff i can download) i want to know everything that is required for me to make a model. I would love to know how. please someone help! thanx bye