1. DaisukeJP

    Release it allready, tired of waitin :$

    Could u pls finnish what is allready planned. and not add more stuff to extend the release time. Im getting impatient.. this mod is my dream lol dont hate me for being impatient XD.. cant do anythin bout it.. <3 ya'll XD
  2. O

    how can i become 1.3 version tester??

    is it posible for me to become a beta tester of 1.3 esf?? or mabe it have been released allready???
  3. N

    Half life two (Sorry if its allready been suggested)

    Is it possible to make this compatable with HL2? Because i'm a HUGE fan of dragonball, and the other series, I just feel a little bad that i can't play this because i don't have Half Life As it said in title sorry if its been suggested.
  4. PiXel

    Kingdom hearts 2 release allready :O who´s exited?

    YAAARRR <_< kh2 got a release date!!!! <_< 22.12.2005 >_> (japanese release only) other releases for Usa and europe will come later thought x_x hope not tooooo late... i want to play this game first! <_< i think im the first who get this game here in europ! :P for piczoorrrs...
  5. N


    k I was just wonderin if anyone has a brolly or gotenks skin I could download from! that would be great i they could :D
  6. S

    skinning tutorial

    hey m8's i just wondering after a esf skinning tutorial i did have one a while go but i lost the site so i wonder if u have another or the same site seeya. P.s i allready tryed check the stickies
  7. G

    ESF Beta 1.1 is out now!

    esf beta 1.1 is out now can u believe it. Its at file planet. So go download it if u want it. GO GO GO
  8. S

    Krillin sounds

    Hey can someone help me i need the original Krillin sounds here my hotmail plz send them to me [email protected] thax allready
  9. S

    Where is the guy that said???

    that he created a aura for the hair ( yellow and blue lightning) So what about it did he created allready or not
  10. V

    How can I edit sprites?

    I've been looking for a program to do this for a while and I can't find anything to do this. Can someone please help instead of just reading it gets really anoying when people just look and don't help? Thanks.
  11. X

    ESF Freezes when I try to RUN it ;(

    When I hit Go! on the Expert Run menu It goes into ESF and gets to Building Server then it says it is loading the SKY textures and it freezes there, but it also say that it cannont find the commandmenu.txt. If anyone knows what I did wrong plz respond :D or PM me if it is easier.
  12. Oddbrother

    Like model's animations and all that rot?

    Do you like those HL models and other stuff? Use this utility called HL model viewer. Download!
  13. C


    sry sry sry I pressed bew thread instead of reply
  14. Guru_San

    Allready guys?

    Probs allready? it was out yesterday oh well i havent got my version yet im at school, but i will get it later tonight, look forward to playing you guys, if there are any majour error's post em here, so that i can know in advance, there are HEAPS of topics guys. Oh well c-ya -Guru
  15. S

    Digitally Inclined V.3

    Well, I'm not really sure I'm allowed to post this but it deals with artwork. This morning I finally completed my portfolio pretaining to artwork :) I really want to know what you guys think of it. You can check it out at Http:// Please give it a rating out of 10 :D Most pages...
  16. imkongkong

    vegeta model

    i was wondering.. if the vegeta model will have the armor on? i think he shouldn't because during the buu saga, vegeta didn't have the armor, just a blue suit thingy.. and he didn't have the armor when he was majin.. i think it would look more better without
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