1. Luca Blight

    Alittle help please

    Alright, I had to download ESF 3 times because each time the program had a corupted file. It installed itself to my documents and now when i try to play the game it throws a error **cannot find .dll file WONAuth.dll** Ok i found that file in my Half-Life Counter Strike folder, now what do i...
  2. T

    help i need alittle

    i figured out how to make a skin in Half life model viewer :D but is there any way to make it so it looks like it fits in with the game if anyone knows what i mean
  3. |Da|K|

    new poster...the same as all the others?

    Made a new poster for some reason i like this noe the best outa all my posters.... DA LiNK Critz&Comments plz
  4. H

    Smos Goku Edits

    I was just goofing off, and since I like to play in the EVM server, I edited Smo's goku.. here, take a look... <BR><IMG SRC=""><BR>Credits go to Smo, of course, for his SSJ and SSJ3 models, and to the original team for the...
  5. A

    New server but alittle help.

    Ok here is the new server I.P.: And the helping part is..... How do I rename the server? I'm using ServerDoc and I don't know how to rename, can anyone help?
  6. T

    namek goku skin

    The namek goku skin needs alittle fixing his neck and waste r cut in half but other then that its good if you can ssj 4 gogetenks please fix and email me at [email protected]
  7. GhostfaceKillah

    Indy Art: Biohazard

    Been a while since I've shown something, well here it is: Done completly in Photoshop. Critz/comments please.
  8. Froggo

    Second skin try.. Still Going Cyborg

    hehe Still trying cyborg but ive think ive gone alittle better then last time and if you look close you can actually see the skin looking like its been peeled of Credits go to: Shijing (aka. BIG BOSs) And [J] (aka. Gjohn) and me for the skin edit, nothing special Just tell me...
  9. Jimesu_Evil

    Yamcha release

    Here's my yamcha model for all those Yamcha fans out there who are sick of waiting for Pr0 to release his. Credits to AzN Dragon for the base model, Teen Gohan. Download Here. *EDIT* Now that RS is back up, here's the updated D/L link.
  10. E

    Gundam WallPaper

    I got bored today and tried to expriment alittle with the brush again. It didnt turn out as well as I thought it would but i tried.
  11. G

    Fighting Candy

    ok ive got an idea for the fighting candy itll take place for evil buu ;) ill make the model someone can skinmap it and then ill skin it ill need an animator sounds would be cool and that would be it ^_^
  12. dudeman

    new wallaper... again

    comments? anyone?
  13. C

    ssj3 vegeta

    i'm no modeler but i was playin around trying to learn so i did some editing ... and well here check it out oh yeh and i don't take credit for anything you see i took the hair from the ssj3 goku and edited vegeta's head alittle so credit...
  14. Majin Saiyajin

    APE Clan Maps

    Hey everyone. :) I have just finished uploading 2 of the ape maps, that ~{ape}~Bi0 Brolli made, onto the clan website along with NightShade's personal map. :D You can find them in the map section of my site. Here are previews of the 2 ape maps...
  15. D

    i need alittle help with skinning

    okay my model is finished and i vant to skin it but how do i do i dont even know wich program i should use for skinning
  16. S


    Is there bot-support for the maps in ESF?
  17. R


    Thought I'd give it a shot... probably isn't anything great... just ahd some time on my hands
  18. Chimpbot

    More Pictures

    Here's some more pictures.... usual...10-20 minutes, all done with pen. Enjoy :D
  19. V

    My Model

    Here is a link to one of my web sites. On it are pics of the model i am currently working on, my first model ever mind you. And of the map i am working on but i cant compile it. The map is alittle bit better done than the model because I have been making maps for like 5 years. So check them out...
  20. AscendantSaiyan

    Map Suggestion. Not an Idea.

    Could u use a previous HL or any other mods map if u extented the roof of it. It might be hard due to the rescaleing, different textures, and probally mapping stuff i dont know about WC (although i have mapped for Deus Ex with UnrealEd if u interest in see it mail me) anyways i havent...