1. Enix

    Full metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

    Well the second FMA series started today and I guess it will be subbed and broadcast by funimation 4 days after it airs in japan i guess. But it has already been subbed and released by Shinsen-Subs in 720p widescreen :D. I just finished the first episode and I'm kinda confused. I'm not sure...
  2. Deman

    Fullmetal Alchemist Manga

    Please tell me others still read this :(
  3. Dokutayuu

    Full Metal Alchemist was awesome, I miss it...

    I just finished watching the anime then the movie. I've read some of the manga (first few chapters) but I've noticed that after that it'll be all gone. The Elric brothers were such awesome characters, I'm happy they're together but it's over. I really enjoyed it, anyone recommend anything for...
  4. Sicron

    Full metal alchemist manga moving on?

    Well recently, I was reading some bleach forum and came across a FMA thread. And they were saying that the manga was still going on while the anime stopped. So, Does anyone know if this is true, and if it is, do I need to re-read every manga (because I have seen the anime episodes, but I have...
  5. Chakra-X

    Fullmetal Alchemist Meets AIM

    My brother showed me this Fullmetal Alchemist spoof on deviantart which pokes fun on AIM conversations, pretty funny =D
  6. S

    The Full Metal Alchemist

    These last 3 days i've been working on Edward Elric. I made it for a friend of mine, so i wont release it for esf, unless he doesn't mind me doing so. credits to eclipse for lending me his Alphonse model and for sharing his edward refs with me, thnx man. 1642 polies for the...
  7. T

    Alchemist Sig.

    My new sig.
  8. Ravendust

    Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel Despite the score, I don't think it looks too bad. Transmuting the environment looks interesting, and it looks a lot like DBZ: Saga's but for FMA. Has anyone got this yet? Thoughts?
  9. CM

    End of Fullmetal Alchemist *Might contain spoilers*

    Well, another great series ended. While I felt the ending was a bit rushed, it was awesome and leaves you desperately waiting for the movie. What did everyone else think of it (if you've seen it)?
  10. CM

    Fullmetal Alchemist 2 For the PS2. The cel-shading looks brilliant. Will probably come out in the US in a year and a half or so... after the first one.
  11. Sorrow

    Fullmetal Alchemist ?

    Hey everyone . Does anyone know how many episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist are released so far ? says 52, But I don't beleve that . Anyone here seen more then episode 1-22 ?
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