1. M

    Street Fighter - Akuma

    This only took a few minutes to make:
  2. Barney

    Akuma - Sig

    cnc always welcome edit: I should also mention this is my first time using a sprite
  3. Azn|kid|


    I got bored so this is what i made :p
  4. C

    An Akuma Model

    [Akuma Update] :| Modeled by : Chrisknyfe |: Yep. This is what I've been doing lately. Drew myself some refs (which I have now lost... grr...) and they seemed to have worked out the proportions well. Extruded the arms instead of trying to fool around with combining spheres (although the feet...
  5. N

    More of my GFX

    Here's an original idea of mine - Booting up my sig :) one of my fav splashes, Akuma trapped in my ice renders :) And my latest, a battle against my friend Enjoy.
  6. T

    My new sig.

    do you guys like my new sig? or is my older one better?
  7. D

    the new picoollo

    i know its hard to model...but the new model of piccollo isn't correct! -is torso is too small -his legs are too long -his antenna are too square and it supossed to be more in the middle of the forehead. -the ear dont start enough high there r too low ...thats all ... the skin...
  8. G

    Model of Piccolo

    Here is my new model of piccolo This is a pic of what he look liked befor http://www.sphosting.com/gallit/model/piccolo%20almost%201.jpg Here are two new pic's http://www.sphosting.com/gallit/model/piccolo.jpg http://www.sphosting.com/gallit/model/piccolo2.jpg I'm almost finished...
  9. thor

    To Spin Site Layout

    Spin been trying to get you on icq about you making a layout whick we talked about a while ago you said tosort out what i want on the site so you no what to do for navgation bar i sapose i set up my anglefire one witch is all the pages i want. im getting 100mb webspace Unlimited bandwidth no...
  10. thor

    Red Bigbang Attack

    You can download it from my site in the beams section.
  11. B

    HHHmmMMm yummy

  12. L

    I have now the Program Worldcraft, but i don`t know...

    I have now the Program Worldcraft, but i don`t know how to use it and i didn`t understand the Worldcraft help manual. Please can anyone get help for me????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!