1. Eider

    [WIP] 2nd Female Model

    okay, since the other one didnt advantage, i started MY second try to a female model O_o As for credits: I'm going to use parts from the latest Buu saga Vegeta, but in the readme, it says Violator... NOW, i read he stole that model, WHO do i give credits :scared: :p anywayz, Thx to...
  2. Suh Dude

    Buu sage vegeta!

    just reskin it and recolor
  3. S

    new vegeta edit! (freazer sga)

    well i did this for 1.0 at first and converted it along with the rest of my edits ^_^ any way credits to brollman for the saiyan armerd vegeta turks and mastasurf for the vegeta model/skin any way said tomuch here is some nice piccys for ya^_^ also i got bored and made an ssj with...
  4. Marauder


  5. Hawki_ice


    Hawki's Gohan EDits~Armour GOhans Ok i did two gohan edits! NORMAL GOHAN IN ARMOUR! MARI GOHAN IN ARMOUR! Ok my next 2 edits r a NON battle damaged normal gohan in goku clothes And a non Battle damaged MARI Gohan with two arms! Two download them go here! *Empty Hole...
  6. Vegito1180

    BlueLight Bulb

    OK Critz?
  7. B

    EVM ssj4 goku

  8. R

    Some stuff I did while my internet was down....

    :D I finally got my internet back,and a few days before I've done some smilies that might be sorta boring,but what the heck,there's of course one you'll dont wanna miss,some of them on this forum already,or not needed....but anyways....:D <img...
  9. TimTheEnchantor

    Evil Survives

    Power Corrupts - Evil Survived When man is given power, the more power they seek. Until it consumes them. But when evil grabs ahold, sometimes the human spirit may break. Slowly being wizened by time. Inspired by: Slipknot - Surfacing This took about 2 hrs to formulate. This was...
  10. G

    Kenshin!(Not nearly done)

    Hey, well this is something I created in about half an hour, trying to practice my proportions anyway here it is, my not nearly finished Kenshin! (Copy and Paste into your browser!!) Any C&C is welcome!
  11. H

    Inuyasha wallpaper

    Yeah you guys are probably getting tired of this...
  12. G

    ESF Beta 1.1 is out now!

    esf beta 1.1 is out now can u believe it. Its at file planet. So go download it if u want it. GO GO GO
  13. Ultra33Gokussj3

    New idea DBGT USS GOKU

    Well heres a new idea for you :laff: USS GT Goku Credit to: AZN - gohan model PrO - USS head Heres a pic for you : Now tell me am i an ideot for this idea?:cry:
  14. Escobar


    ey every1, bringing you my latest work what do u guys think.. i may be thinking of putting some time into the color but tell me what you guys think.. bryce 5 + photoshop 7
  15. sexyasian86

    Super Metriod Samus

    well after spending some time with it. i finished the skin of the new samus. edit some parts of the model. this is by nuttzy. <--also creds. here is the new samus. enjoy. making new sprites now, the charge ball. peace outs
  16. Nuttzy

    for those of you waiting for pro's frieza

    undoubtedly his will be better, tis is more or less a recolor and rescale of the alpha meta cooler on redsaiyan, its tested and it works just fine ingame, aside from the death ball being a bit low, (inside his body) but itll tide you over, and as crappy as it be its better than the current...
  17. S

    another wallpaper

    give me some crits and please dont talk about the faces too much
  18. We$$ide

    complain about the model page off AFC

    ive been a view times on that site, and ive even mailed the owner of it, but he hasnt put credits on his site, and ive found a skin edit off mine if you guys dont believe it download the goku with the king kai logo on his back from this site, the credits are in the zip file...
  19. Hawki_ice

    Wogasm the best!!!

    Ok Wogasm wont beleave me when i tell him hes the best so vote people show your support! heres some of his work! EDIT* more of his work!
  20. Wangster

    third wp (also non 3d)

    this one is none 3D also, but, this one is not so good as the other one, its the same idea, only a different scene, this one is that small Gohan San made a blast of anger, the BG is the energy floating from the blast, yes, i know the gohan isnt that good quality...