1. K

    what is the adress of the site "bluesaiyn"?

    long time i didnt visit there is it still online?
  2. M

    Im sorry but I couldnt find a noobers art forum adress

    I am just bored :rolleyes: O_O :yes: :confused:
  3. Ultra33Gokussj3

    pro edits

    Can some one gimme a link to pro edits s site?
  4. GotenksOwnz

    My sig wont work plz help.

    K i have made a sig i have saved it as jpg and gif and put it on my web site so wat codes do i put befor the link to the pic thanx for any help. :cool:
  5. Bryggz

    I need someone to host my models on their site

    hey guys my website is kinda *** in the butt and i cant figure out how to make download links yet, so can anyone host my files for now? i got my ussj trunks completed, at least the first version
  6. M

    the code

    whats the code for a sig? on almost every board is it but that doesn't work here as you can see below can someone post me the code? if its working i will show the sig in this treath so don't close please....
  7. DJ-Ready

    Once again, a new map is out! hehe

    k, i have made a new map today.Its a map located on the tower where this little white cat-master guy german its called Quittenturm. The map is called esf_s2k_djready_quittenturm_alpha, cuz i dont know the english name for Quittenturm... Here r some shots: 0 1 2 3 4 5...
  8. R

    anroid17(GOTTO SEE)

    here is my new model and one of my greatest to updates soon here ya go