1. Hamppu

    Noobiest admins on ECX server.

    Yeah long story short, just got banned from the only active server out there. Why you might ask? Simply for owning the admin's ass time and time again :> Guess that's what you get when you can just buy your way into "power". I've seen only 2 admins active, them being Ocb and Mieliuss (or...
  2. Skyrider

    HL2Files Servers Needs Admins

    All 3 HL2Files servers (Yes, 3. I added a USA server as well) is in need of some active admins. If you are interested, just reply below and or Private Message me. Also, you are required to have some experiences within the game and in adminship as well. I just need: - Username / ingame name. -...
  3. Skyrider

    Admins, New Vote, FastDL & New Maps on the HL2Files Servers.

    For those who play on the HL2Files ESF Game Servers, I've recently changed / added and modified things which I hope makes things more interesting for you guys to play on the servers more. Check below for the things I recently have done for both HL2Files Game Servers. 1), I fixed the admins on...
  4. M

    Admins KL

    I just wanna ask.. can admins give KL and what is the command ? :rolleyes:
  5. R

    go ****ing die admins!

  6. CaseClosed

    Admins and/or Experienced Computer Members i need help cant play Esf

    Hi my Esf wont work and itz really annoying i just downloaded it and now it wont work on my steam when i try to enter a game it said loading game like alwayas and then it shutoff esf and said Fatal Error Mod_LoadBrushModel:sprites/laserbeam.spr has wrong version number (0 should be 30) Help plz
  7. E

    Question to the admins

    Wow I never posted in about a year or 2....anyways my question is: are you guys planning to make a db mod for hl2? If you are try doing dbgt or a all series in one mod. I'm sorry if this question has been posted already...I just didn't look. Anyways esf roxs.
  8. K

    Admins Problems!!!!!

    in israel ther is a server called ESF IL | 1.2 League and the admins in this server are how can i say it ?? Natzis!! yes !! and noobs!! oh yeah!! and pretty much lamest admins i ever see! is you read this admin you can be better admin or still be the same lame admins .
  9. SajaN^PridE

    A question (for teh admins)...

    What should that mean?
  10. U

    need servers please admins or some one

    I need server ip/adresses so i can test my esf some one GIVE ME an ip eg: for esf ONLY! just paste the ip's in here! not sites or give me all seeing eye..
  11. T

    Simple ? about ESF just for admins {dont respond to this unless admin}

    how do i become a beta tester and who do i need to ask. I also would like to help the esf team. I am a dedicated worker and would like to help u in anyway possible. Like i have said in other post i was part of the team who helped update and remod cs and dod.
  12. T

    To all ADMINS + to all who helped create esf

    I would personally like to thank your for this mod i have posted these everywhere so no one missed it. I would like to ask your permission to bring ESF to HL2 and yes i will not be porting it i want to make it from the ground up to take all of the HL2 graphics and stuff to add to esf. I do not...
  13. T

    To all admins

    i want to ask your permission right now as to if i can bring esf to hl2. If u dont want it to go there tell me now so i cant start making models and such so when hl2 comes out i will have a good head start. I love what u have made this mod so no disrespect to any of u admins u all have done a...
  14. T

    To all admins

    i would like to ask permission from u if i can bring esf to hl2. # 2 if it is not tell me soon so i can start working on it now so when hl2 comes out i will have a good head start. THnk you all who heped make this mod no disrespect to u in anyway u have done a terrific job with this mod. I am...
  15. M

    Ok questions to ESf admins.

    But evrybody is free feel to look, ok Admin i just wanna know waht to Expect in ESF 1.2 I know some Questions have been asked,but i Re ask them Just Anwser 1.Yes or No 1.BeamJumps 2.Walljumps 3.New Melee 4.Throwing 5.Destroyable Terrian 5.DragonBall Mod 6.3rd tranformation 7.Single...
  16. G

    need servers please admins or some one

    lmao i need servers not links just paste wat eva servers u got as in ips please cause i got one n its always emtpy good to train but i need players!!!!! please guys/girls help!
  17. Nosferatu Alucard

    To all the admins of the forum.

    Could somebody of you change my name from Mysticgohan to [GSF]Ganon, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I already PMed, but my name is Mysticgohan anyway. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: Plz change it.
  18. Ã

    SSj3 Vegeta

    do u like wat i am makeing [/IMG]
  19. T

    Hi all

    hi im new here and i want to now the basic rules in here could anyone show me please? o_o
  20. D.C. Darkling

    ESF Servers Admins

    Aint it a swell Idea to make a list of the official ESF servers (and posibly other dedicated onces?) and the ppl + WONID who are a admin there. that way we know to whom to listen and we can filter out the foo's who simple shout that they are admin.. (I know I atleast don't wanna find out I...