1. Tsunami

    Ace Combat 6 Demo

    is now on XBL! Can't wait to try it out.
  2. M

    Ace Ventura Jr.

    It seems that there is a sequel planned to the Ace Ventura movies: Source: This is pretty much all the information that has been released so far.
  3. sub

    Ace Combat Zero VS Ninja Gaiden

    Alright, so I'm going to buy one of these games. I love the Ace Combat series, I have Ace Combat 4 and 5, both of which are pretty awesome. I've never played Ninja Gaiden, but I heard it's good. So yeah, which of these do you think I should get?
  4. AmoN

    nothing to do.. soo.. new Portgas D. Ace sig.

    it doesnt seem to hard to make but.. look at the original stock. I rendered the render ^^ and added a fire effect to the hand =)
  5. sub

    Ace Combat 6 (360 exclusive)

    So Ace Combat Six was announced and to my surprise, it's going to be a 360 exclusive. It'll even have online play this time. I have to say, I'm pretty excited. I love the Ace Combat series but wasn't...
  6. P

    .ACE to .MDL?

    iv seen this post before but i didnt get a chance to read it. i have the ssj4 vetega model by brollman but when i went to download it, it was in ace form how do i fix this?
  7. Gogeta91


    i have a vegeto that is an ace file what is this and can i make it an mdl tnx
  8. S

    well.. here is my new skin^_^

    well am a n00b at skinning :p but credit to Nuttzy for the model and thats it lol heres a pic of my newest skin crits are welcome but plz go easy on me because i am a n00b at skinning laterz. (also this is a wip so crits are welcome^_^)
  9. G

    I have a problem with a model

    It is a vegetto model I downloaded from that gsf website. I don't know how to install this model. Once I download it I see that it is an .ace file. This is different than all the other models I downloaded because they are all .mdl files which means model files. I don't know what I'm supposed...
  10. K

    .ACE to.MDL

    Some one wanna tell me how to change a .ACE file to a .MDL (or if i can) so i can use some of the odd files i get sometimes.
  11. S


    hi again. I just wanted to say that my second map is ready. you can donload it on our page. -=[AFC]=- herer some screenshots: klick on them to make it larger^^ <img border=0 src="" width=100 height=75> <img border=0...
  12. G

    Finished my map esf_pyramid

    just get it there or if you are very lazy look and download...
  13. F

    new crosshair model

    I dont know if this thread belongs here or not so ill just post it here i want to extract a sprite i downloaded from redsaiyan but it says in winrar and winace its currupt. can someone give me the sprite itself cause my winrar and winace dont work.
  14. M

    whats an ace file?

    i downloaded a model for vegetto but its an ace file what is an ace file? where do u put the ace file? isnt it supposed to be a .spr or .mdl?
  15. T

    Aura Pack

    i just put a little aura pack together and it has the defult aura in it and 4 other different auras. you can download it here.
  16. S

    Ace Files!

    Ive downloaded a few models in ace format how do i extract the models then? i only have winzip where can i download a unpacking program that can unpack ace files?
  17. V

    post your models here please

    im looking for an ssj4 goku and ssj4 vegeta anyone got it?;/ ;/ ;/ ;/ ;/
  18. S

    How too open .ace file's

    I download the vegeta model but it's an .ace file whit what program do i open it?
  19. [=TM=] Vegetto

    ace file!?

    I downloaded Brollmans Vegetto model and I cant figure out...where does the .ace file go?? Is it the incorrect download? Or do I rename it to the character file? (I.E. - ssjvegeta.mdl/vegeta.mdl) If so....I only have one the proper files.....HELP!
  20. S

    shadow ace's sig gallery

    I'd like you all to judge my artwork, i'd like you to name me your 3 favorite and 3 least favorite sigs. Also if you have any sig requests please send them or pm them here. thanks, and please, my threads on this topic always end up with 100's of views but no posts...