1. B

    Perfect Cell

    Here see it and vote its good or bad?
  2. Bryggz

    My gokussj3 model edit WIP

    Hey guys check out my gokussj3 wip, im working on the hair since everyones seems so grisly, perhaps i'll be more fortunate? tell me what u think so far, keep in mind that the hair is a lil more than 1/2 done (hasta go past his waist/butt) so more will be there, + the top of his head isnt done...
  3. S

    promised my almost done vegeta

    well...i promised u vegeta, then gere is a vegeta. as i told u in my 2nd thread where i posted goku, this isnt finished yet. i want u to give me advices for making it better. if u want, DL them and with a pen draw on the pics and then post the changes... here is the chest the...
  4. Vegito1180


    What Do You Think Of My New Sig?
  5. J

    GI Base (wip)

    hey i started a gi basemodel today!!! woohooo. Im going to use it for krillen, gohan, goku and possibly some others. Please give me any tips to improve. Also, how should i do the hands for ESF? all 5 fingers or cut the polies down by using 2 big fingers? BTW its 420 polies right now.
  6. Wuying Ren

    Picceta Skin :D

    Hi I made a Vegeta skin. That looks like Picceta from Dragon Ball AF: Thats Picceta: Thats the Skin: I did this skin very quick. So its not the best lol
  7. Marauder

    Help me?

    Well i have lots of pictures that i wanna make sig out of em, but im not that talented, i wonderd if some1 could help me take 1 of those pictures and put my name on it and edit it abit
  8. Yui Sakura

    For comp

    just a draft for anime comp. 110kb file size (sorry) just need some imput so far if i'm allowed to *edit* one on left is not meant to be android 18. Also i know that her right eye is a bit strange, but i'm gonna fix em. http://www.boomspeed.com/flavie/draft1.jpg
  9. C

    New model : Fly

    Hey guys, i've just made a new model,it's fly from the anime dragon quest, if you don't know the anime,here is a pic of him : http://www.geocities.com/cedelling/Fly03.jpg And here is the pic of the fly model : http://www.geocities.com/cedelling/flybeta0.9.jpg Tell em what you...
  10. .FM.

    piccolo splash?

    what you think? :S