1. T

    Was on a server where the admin could give everyone all the abilities...

    Any idea how he did that? i was goku and was using special beam cannon and destroying everything. then the server crashed. it was in EVM fyi.
  2. ZeroNightmare

    What Abilities Share these sprites?

    Blue Explosion and White Explosion is blue just the generic blue beam and white big bang kameha and spirit bomb?
  3. D

    character abilities

    off of shuyins trait thread i figured itd be cool for characters to have certain abilities Buu:cannot be killed by disks Goku:already has a teleporting ability Gohan:attack increase Frieza:increase in pl gain Piccolo:id say regeneration like buu or something Trunks:has the sword gib...
  4. C

    Characters innate abilities and such not in manual

    Goku can Teleport while charging while Super, a innate ability that isnt mentioned anywhere. I also know about Buu having much higher PL and best blasting ability, which is a nice thing he has over everyone else. What other abilities do characters have that make them different.. I want to know...
  5. Lt.Zack

    Trandformations and new attacks, abilities

    since I know you can make the second level of transformations fairly easily this is my suggestions for new attacks and what not (some Budokai stuff) Goku ssj2 = warp kamehameha, give goku the ability to use teleport while charging the kamehameha Vegeta ssj2 = Atomic Blast - MUCH stronger...
  6. darknavigator

    Character Special Abilities

    Since Goku can teleport when charging a move.. I think everyone should have a special abilty =\ For example: Buu: |Regeneration| Gain 5 health every minute (auto) Goku: |Instant Transmission| Can teleport while charging a beam Gohan: |Unlock Potential| When health is under 20, attack...
  7. E

    Trunks and Vash!

    Well, I have a couple more drawings for you guys to drool over. And without further adieu, Trunks and Vash! First, here is Trunks looking like he just had the bejesus scared out of him. And here is Vash the Stampede. A.K.A. the Humanoid Typhoon. I hope you like it, Hibiki...:D...
  8. Fate

    One of the coolest models ever...can you make it?

    So, you think you might to be able to make one of the best people ever in DBZ? The Strongest character EVER with a power level higher than SS5 Goku's X 1,000,000? Yep thats right. Its the faithful companion of King Kai, Bubbles The Monkey. Make a bubbles model! It would be sweet!:D
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