1. Viki@killer

    Conversion Gohan to Sonic

    I am making total conversion of Gohan to Sonic,with all animations,sounds and sprites...And with his speedy aura(blue orb).This is only for those who downloaded Sonic from RedSaiyan.Who wants it,GRAB IT!!!
  2. S

    well.. here is my new skin^_^

    well am a n00b at skinning :p but credit to Nuttzy for the model and thats it lol heres a pic of my newest skin crits are welcome but plz go easy on me because i am a n00b at skinning laterz. (also this is a wip so crits are welcome^_^)
  3. E

    Help please i cant run my esf resolution in lower than 600

    the fastest way i could run my esf was in d3d in a resolution lower than 600 in other modes it lags it doesnt even run in opengl and in software in lags i already tried updatin my vid. card but thats wat made my comp not be able to run esf in d3d in less than 600 resolution so please help
  4. M

    Is there a Pan model?

    Is there a Pan model out there? i looked through this forum, i looked on red-saiyan, i looked on the net, i cant find it! i know this should be in the final request thread, but the chance i get a reply is rather low, because everyone is asking models and nobody is giving them. All i want to...
  5. Epedemic_Optikz

    Half-Life 2 600 MB Video

    Could someone tell me another link to this movie besides fileplanet??? I tried it on fileplanet but it wouldn't download.:]
  6. Marauder


    hi guys, i opend this thread to ask u if any of u use Maya...and if u do, i would like to see some work,,thx :)
  7. Naz

    Nessaja's Indy Art

    [Indy] Endurance I'm not done with it, yet, anyone got some suggestions for it + crits? grtz Naz
  8. VivaLaPineapple

    how to do awsome 3d walls

    you have seen them everywhere, 3d wallpapers. well they arnt that hard to make. tools needed: photoshop 3d studio max 1.open 3d studio max and make a spike 2. copy this spike numeruos times and rotate it making some sort of porcupine shape. 3. save this image 4. open photoshop and set...
  9. D

    Whats the poly count?

    How many polys is esf limiting for a model?
  10. J

    Poly Limit?

    How many polies should I put into Half-Life models? Ive only modeled for Q3 and JK2.
  11. P

    600 million ? why does it act up?

    i was testing out the bots in the server when they reached 600 million i was receaving no damage and the ground constantly was shaking?
  12. V

    How do i create my sig

    ;/ how do create a sig i cant figure it out please help man i hate being a newbie:\
  13. Mistery X

    Saiyan Crusades SSJ2 Gohan Model

    Check it out need the crits so let me know what you all think
  14. Hsu

    Hellsing WP

    Ok have made a hellsing wp :P. Phobius got me into it so I decided to make this to show how much I like the show If you want to use it just say so and I will be willing to send you a bigger version of it if you need it.
  15. SA_Gohan


    Hello all, just thought I'd show the final version of a model I made of kid buu. http://forums.dragonballquake.net/attachment.php?s=&postid=17158 It's about done, just a few tweaks to some details on the model are needed
  16. Ryoko

    Yet another Ryoko wallpaper (800 x 600)

    Well, heres another one from me! Tell me your opinions on it. If you are getting bored of my work, don't comment.