1. Viper

    From the 5th Cell, Hybrid

    5th Cell did Drawn to Life, Lock’s Quest and Scribblenauts on DS. Their next game is on Xbox Arcade and is… a shooter ? http://arstechnica.com/gaming/news/2011/03/the-enemy-gate-is-down-5th-cell-debuts-innovative-shooter-hybrid.ars
  2. G

    5th Hokage - Tsunade

    Done a new naruto character, this time Tsunade This model is ment for Naruto: Mezame a new project I started it up... Construction style: photorealistic Textured (Skin) - no, what you see are only some plain materials, no diffuse yet Model ( no texture ) next will be map &...
  3. DiebytheSword

    5th place in the Novawarfare Joint Operations Team King of the Hill Tournement!

    http://www.novawarfare.com/nwf/showthread.php?t=880 Nabbed me a fifth place win, and $50 usd for 90 minutes of game play. Of that 90 mintutes, I was in the zone for 40 and change. Not some bad ass kicking if I do say so myself. I wish more people played this game, lol.
  4. D

    5th hokage

    who do you guys rekon the 5th hokage will be. cuse i know : D saw it on the net
  5. T

    Goku And GT. Saiyaman (pencil art)

    nuff said...
  6. Nuttzy

    form 2 cooler, (or 5th if your a dbz nerd)

    edit****** FINISHED MODEL!!!!, if you crit it keep it simple so i can fix it the chrome looks wierd cuz thats a milkshape screenshot, not hlmv, it looks proper in hlmv, now i got to assign the guy to frieza2's skeleton ******************** official, hes ingame, and...
  7. TehMuffinMan

    KID BUU... with a twist ^_^

    hmm.. anyways.. sexyasian86 has made a really cool kid buu model.... ithis thread is about that model... but with a little twist ^_^ well.. i changed the animations so that it replaces krillin instead of buu.. i know what your thinking.. but really.. its good ^_^ REASONS: 1. krillin has...
  8. S

    Psx Cover Art Contest

    Esf's Psx Cover Contest Alright, This is Esf's contest of the month :) The objective of this contest is much different than the first. Instead of Cg's, Wallpapers or sigs I thought (With help from Ryoko) What about a new unique idea? Why don't we design the front cover of a Play Station...
  9. B

    New And Improved 2nd Sig

    I Changed My sig completly because i realised it wasnt that good and i wanted to do something so i made my self a new one wat do ya guys think? BrunO
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