1. OFFSPRiNGCo16

    Kurama anyone?

    Hey guys, just wanted to show you a model MaggeM is working on for me and gamesages mod...Its of Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho...Be amazed... :p Amazed yet? Its about 1500 Poly's, the whole model should be done by tomarow. It is going to be about 3500 or so total.
  2. Mr. Satans

    24/7 Anime TV (2003)

    YES! It's what everyone has waited for...A 24/7 Anime Channel (All UNCUT!!!) My friend gets anime magazines (I'm just to damn lazy) and in there it had liek a huge article about the channel, coming in 2003. Good Bye Craptoon Network!!
  3. F

    hey guys

    dont know if this is on the topic but should be. im making a new ut2003 mod that has all the goals set, but just needs the people ..... (from modelers to coders) go here and talk on the boards with us, or me .... depends on who signs up :) .. thx Click Here
  4. C

    Kenshin,finished version

    Hey guys,i've finally finisehd Kenshin,i've totlaly changed the face! here are some pics i'm waiting for your comments ;) here is a smooth one : http://www.geocities.com/cedelling/kensmooth.jpg Flat shaded version : http://www.geocities.com/cedelling/kenshinhead5.jpg...
  5. I

    8 march 2003 A FAKE !!!!

    http://www.8march2003.com/ DAM IT why did they have to say that now, was fun too see site every no and then... all cose some newbes emailed him sayin stuff like "Hide out at my house man we can get p1ssed all day n laft n sh^t" o well, i reon its a film what do u all think it is?
  6. xstortionist

    prophecy of march 8th 2003

    www.8march2003.com go there and read the biggest BS scandle of all time....but it does seems pretty interesting...let me know what yall think.
  7. L

    Unreal 2003

    does anyone have the full version of unreal 2k3? if so does anyone want to play tonight on a server. i've been playing with others but i much rather play with people i actually talk to. If anyone has it post here and maybe we can set up a game later today.
  8. [SAS]Orion

    Ut2k3 wallpaper

    I made a wallpaper cos I love the game so much:tired:
  9. H

    Unreal 2003

  10. GLOsticks R Us

    YATTA-GLO is back! YATTA!

    Hey peeps of the forums, GLO is back and with the FORUM MISFITS and a funny japanese boy band video singing their new hit "YATTA!" Anyways check both of them out and tell meh what ya think, and um.... YATTA! :shocked: -"GLO"